(Review) Guerlain Terracotta Inca Collection for Summer 2011

Guerlain continues its Terracotta collection that has always been a favorite during the summer months. This year, they’ve decided to focus on the exquisite colors from the Incas. For all you history buffs, the Incas used to color their pottery with berries and fruits, and this collection reminds us of their bronzed bodies, their pottery and the berries — all very evocative of their traditions way back in the 1200’s.

Named Guerlain Terracotta Inca, the Summer 2011 collection features:

Guerlain Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadows:

These have a metallic finish to them, and since they’re named ombre they suggest a dual-toned shadow, which is exactly what you see in the packaging. Such pretty, tropical shades of blue and terracotta are what you’ll get. The shades come in Bahia (a pale pink), Havana (a bronze), Maya (a copper).

Guerlain Summer 2011 Collection

The two Terracotta Lipglosses come in the shades of Mambo (coral) and a luscious red called Tango.

Guerlain Terracotta Inca Lip Glosses Summer 2011

Guerlain Terracotta Inca for Summer 2011

There’s also a Guerlain Sublime Inca Radiant Powder that’s lightly fragranced with Jasmine. We love the engraved wooden case. Our must haul item of the entire collection is the four-shade eye shadow that has tones of orange, blue, two shades of brown and a gold shimmer (above).

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Tell us, what do you think is the STAR piece of the collection here? If you could take home just one item, which would it be?

– Charu Suri

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