Review, Ingredients, Photos, Skincare, Hair Care, Trends 2020, 2021: PURA D'OR, 100% Pure Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil, Best Moisturizing Products

PURA D’OR 100% Pure Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil | $14.99

During times of quarantine, we finally have the time for the skincare regimen we’ve always dreamed of. And, after all that hard work slathering on the cream after cream, it’s time to seal the deal.

Using oils after applying your normal skincare & hair care ritual allows for product insulation. They create a barrier so that your creams and serums dive deep into skin or hair and don’t dry out. With so many oils on the market, it’s always best to go natural, especially when there is an amazing cause involved.

PURA D’OR was created with the vision of transforming peoples’ lives through crafting organic, natural & plant-based products that are minimalistic and sustainable. The company is driven by a desire to provide plant-based solutions to your toughest hair & skin concerns.

All PURA D’OR products are made with 3 core values: Purity in Every Bottle, Peace with Mother Earth, and Proven Results for Customers. They have scoured the globe for the purest ingredients and formulate them into a single bottle. Every ingredient is tested for purity and certified as wild-crafted or organic when possible. Even the water is filtered through 7-stage reverse osmosis and then distilled to remove all traces of impurities.

The 100% Pure Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil is pure, natural, and organic. Work it into skin, scalp, and hair to nourish strands, moisturize dry scalp, tame fly-aways, and add sheen to hair. Derived from the nutrient-rich Argan trees of Morocco, PURA D’OR Argan Oil is a natural moisturizer free from harsh chemicals and rich in fatty acids known for its intense moisturizing properties for skin and hair. This pure Organic Argan Oil helps relieve dry skin with deep hydration – improving the appearance of elasticity and softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It goes on clear but has a slight nutty smell. The easy-to-use pump allows for a mess-free experience. Tap onto the face or slather over the body for an all-over glow. It balances moisture and nutrients on hair and skin. It also reduces scarring and stretch marks. It is free from harsh chemicals, environmentally responsible, hypo-allergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Packaging may vary.

To minimize their carbon footprint, PURA D’OR uses recyclable packaging, renewable energy via state-of-the-art solar-powered facilities, and sustainable and fair-trade practices such as responsibly sourcing raw ingredients only when it does not negatively impact the natural habitat or harm the environment. Additionally, PURA D’OR is working together with Eden Reforestation Projects to take part in giving back to nature by restoring global forests. They have committed to planting 100,000 trees over the span of 10 months. That is at a rate of 10,000 trees per month. On top of the trees PURA D’OR has committed to, they will also plant one tree for every bottle purchased on their online store.

Review, Ingredients, Photos, Skincare, Hair Care, Trends 2020, 2021: PURA D'OR, 100% Pure Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil, Best Moisturizing Products

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– Yevy Yelkina, Editor

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