Review, Ingredients, Swatches: Glytone Clarifying Night Renewal Cream, Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40: How To Treat /Prevent Skin Damage

Glytone Stuff

How do we stop the aging process? How do we reverse it? Dermatologists have been studying effective anti-agers for years, coming out with various claims on how to turn back the clock.

So, when I was given the opportunity to try some products from skincare line Glytone, I was excited to share my results. Glytone is a unique skincare line and according to the company’s site:

“The physicians-only product line, Glytone, is the only skincare line that provides a customized step approach formulated with the highest available free acid values.

Free acid values, clinically proven ingredients and a customized step approach, combined with Glytone in-office treatments and at-home regimens, work synergistically to maximize product efficacy and skin tolerability, giving you visible, long-lasting results.The most effective customized approach to optimal skin health.”

I received the Glytone Clarifying Night Renewal Cream ($72.00) and Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40 ($37.00).

Glytone Night Renewle Night Cream

The Night Renewal Cream claims to have many benefits and is specifically formulated to renew skin’s appearance by helping to reduce the signs of aging skin, age spots and sun effects.

It utilizes retinaldehyde to help boost the “appearance” of skin that has been damaged by UVA exposure. It is also formulated with free glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells and help boost the penetration of retinaldehyde into the skin. Additionally, it is non-comedogenic and claims to be less irritating than other products with similar ingredients.

The packaging says to apply a small amount of the product to the face and neck nightly (as directed by a physician), and to use a daily sunscreen during and at least one week after using the product.

When asked about the results of using this nightly cream, New York dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D. said:

“Everyone is different but it is generally fine to use regularly at night, and while results vary, I generally give an average of 4 weeks for results. Sometimes it can be shorter or longer.”

Glytone Night Cream Swatch

I used the product for about a month. It has absolutely no scent and very little is needed to cover the entire face. I immediately felt a tingling sensation after applying the night cream — it was not uncomfortable nor painful, just a little tingly, and after about 5-minutes, the sensation stopped. I have normal to combination skin, so people with very sensitive skin might run into some discomfort.

While I did not experience any irritation, I made sure to use sun protection because I knew my skin was more likely to burn because of the potent ingredients.

After having used the product for a month, I did not see any extremely noticeable results; I do not have many wrinkles to begin with. My skin, however, did appear brighter. Had I been using the cream during the winter months, I would think my freckles might have even faded a little, because of the intensity of the ingredients.

During the summer months, however, the sun has only made them darker, but I believe the product was working to counteract that process. I did however find myself with fewer breakouts.

Overall, it would be a good idea to speak to a dermatologist about this product. The ingredients are extremely potent and the price is much lower than other products of its kind.

Some things to keep in mind:

– Can be irritating to sensitive skin

– Must use sun protection or else you will burn

– Avoid contact with eyes

– Not recommended for use during pregnancy because of vitamin A control

Glytone Sunscreen

The Glytone Suncreen Lotion SPF 40 is packed with amazing ingredients that are absent from other sun protection products. This isn’t your typical sunscreen: it is truly anti-aging, both in its SPF 40 index, water resistance and inclusion of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and micronized zinc.

According to the company, the product utilizes a unique combination of microfine transparent zinc oxide, octinoxate and octisalate in a chemical sunscreen base to provide a broad range of sun protection.

Glytone Sunscreen Swatch

I used this product as part of my everyday skincare routine and also at the beach. It has a light, pleasant scent, dries clear and leaves skin feeling soft. As instructed, I applied it 15-minutes before sun exposure, reapplying every hour or so because of my fair skin.

I also swam with it on and reapplied it 40-minutes after. I did not burn, which, for my very fair complexion, is usually quite common. Overall, while pricier than most sunscreens, I would highly recommend it for the face because of its added benefits.

Have any of you beauties used Glytone products before? Are you looking for an effective nighttime cream and sunscreen?

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– Yevgeniya Yelkina

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