(Review) Lancome Debuts New Color Design Palettes & Color Fever Glosses, Matte Lipsticks

In the midst of Fashion Week madness, I whisked away from Lincoln Center to find myself in the West Village heading to the Industria Superstudio. Being a makeup artist, the world stood still while I was there. New to Lancome’s eye category is the NEW Color Design Palette, an “eye brightening, all in one, five shadow and eyeliner palette.”

Lancome Color Design Eye Palette

There are ten color-packed palettes, and the rich shades offer substantial color payoff. The palettes come with a pamphlet that can be used as a guide as to where to apply the shadows. A great accessory to add to your purchase is the Dual and Liner & Shadow Brush and voila – the perfect eye.

Compared to the older versions of the Color Design Palette, the new versions are richer, and come in a chic square shape. The formula offers a long wear and good hold…perfect for all skin tones. Often, we’ve felt that Lancome does not address the needs of women of color as much as they do fair-skinned ladies, but the new palette is highly versatile and targeted.

I also had a closer look at the Spring Ultra Lavande collection, inspired by the hippie’s spirit of the 1970s. The collection is made up two palettes, three glosses, three long wear crease resistant shadows, two lipsticks, one eyeliner and a shimmering powder that one would feel reluctant to use it because it is so ornate and stunning. Lavande in French means lavender and this collection consists of an array of lavender, silver and gold. The colors resemble flashed of sequins being hit by light at Studio 54; a great way to welcome the some coming warm weather!

Lancome Teint Miracle

For a smooth, movie-star look, pair the Color Design Palette with the new Teint Miracle foundation, which does not sit; rather, it becomes one with your skin. Teint Miracle has buildable coverage and has 40% more water than most foundations. After gliding on to your skin, you are allotted play time with the foundation. Once set the foundation’s finish is true to skin. Teint Miracle’s friend, Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen is a godsend. It is foundation on the go; I know I do not want to lug around my full foundation bottle.

Lancome Color Fever Glosses
The final stop to your perfect makeup is the lipstick. At the launch, I was surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors; tantalizing colors that are going to make you drool. The collection, to launch in March, has an Asian/Japanese feel. There are four Color Fever Glosses, one La Laque Fever, and eight new matte lipsticks. Each lipstick offers a high color pay-off and moisture, even though it is a matte.

Pick one shade from each, and you have an effortless, flawless look in a cinch. Which of these new Lancome launches are you loving?

– Nicole Iannitti

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