Review: New Redken Nature’s Rescue Haircare Line

Redken, one of our favorite haircare brands, has entered the sulfate-free haircare market with its new line Nature’s Rescue. It is the brand’s first sulfate-free and silicone-free line with water fresh fragrances.

The whole premise behind this line is one of cooling. The packaging also reflects this, with its cool blue tones and a picture of the breezy, balmy sea. It’s inviting and cooling at the same time.

The nutrient-rich sea algae complex has sea algae, aloe vera and soy protein to really moisturize the hair. These ingredients leave the hair nice and clean, with not too much of an oily or slick feeling. One of my absolute favorites in this line is the Refining Sea Polish which contains real pumice to exfoliate and remove impurities. It really feels like asteroids on your hair at first (the particles are THICK), but you know your strands are getting brushed and exfoliated, in a way. The result is an extraordinarily-clean feeling.

Redken Nature's Rescue

The Conditioner is cooling, almost like a masque. The Radiant Sea Spray lightweight and multifunctional that adds texture; it also contains time-touch fragrance capsule that burst and hydrate with oceanic scents.

There’s been some debate on the merits of sulfate-free haircare but the jury is still out on whether it works on color treated hair or not. I have virgin hair and am a bit loathe to color it, but I will take a silicone-free line any day because silicone leaves a residue on your strands that is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid off, and this makes the coloring process even more difficult and uneven.

I highly recommend this line, particularly for dry hair types. There’s a cooling and moisturizing component to this that’s perfect for spring and summer. Here is the order of product application:

  • Step 1: Detox with Nature’s Rescue Refreshing Detox Shampoo ($16)
  • Step 2: Refine with Nature’s Rescue Refining Sea Polish ($19)
  • Step 3: Replenish with Nature’s Rescue Cooling Deep Conditioner ($17)
  • Step 4: Uplift with Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray ($17)

These products are available now at all Redken salons.

Tell us, do you like sulfate-free over regular shampoos? Have they made a difference to your hair?

– Charu Suri

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