Review: OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment For Pimples, Zits And Acne Breakouts

Every time a new spot acne treatment emerges, I am on it. Name the potion/lotion/gel/cream/salve, and it has probably been in my cabinet at some point. The latest one taking laps on the test track is the new OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment, an acne treatment with 5% benzoyl peroxide. It is easily outlapping the rest.

Review: OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment For Pimples, Zits And Acne Breakouts

The packaging touts clinical results without a prescription, boldy claiming to eliminate 99% of acne bacteria in just 8 hours. It warns that there may be some irritation, especially with frequent use, but at the same time calls itself gentle enough to use every day. I looked past the contradiction, as well as the all caps note that IT MAY BLEACH HAIR OR DYED FABRICS, and cautiously went in. The results were positive and surprising.

I didn’t officially time the progress, nor did I have science lab access to properly document if it indeed eliminated 99% of acne bacteria, but it certainly eliminated something. My pimples were visibly reduced hours later. The test was completely unscientific, but the results speak for themselves. The treatment has been tested repeatedly and has yielded consistent results. Pimples didn’t disappear completely, but after a second application they were almost gone. Granted, I’m usually quite diligent at policing pimples and apply something the moment one starts to attack. This cuts down on time and application requirements, but even without due diligence I have a feeling this treatment would be effective on more mature pimples as well.

Fortunately, none of the aforementioned irritation presented itself because it works so well that it doesn’t require as much product or as frequent a use. Do keep in mind that, as with other clinical strength acne treatments, unnecessary sun exposure is strongly discouraged. If sun exposure is unavoidable, sunscreen use is a must.

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– by Michelle Kuo

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