Before/After Photos, REVIEW: PaloVia At Home Skin Renewing Laser (Giveaway)

In an era where cosmetic procedures are more expensive than Louboutins, and mini face lifts run into controversies (e.g. Lifestyle Lift). you want to know which procedures you can trust and which will cause you serious harm. In many instances, you’d really do well to skip these procedures altogether in favor of lotions and potions.

There’s definitely some element of risk when you venture into the doctor’s office to get a treatment. You are trusting someone else –definitely skilled, no doubt — to handle your skin. Sure, dermatologists and aestheticians go to school for this type of thing, but they’re also human. What if something goes wrong and your skin reacts badly? Would you be comfortable knowing you look like Joan Rivers?

I certainly wouldn’t.

Palovia At Home Laser

For me, safety and security are paramount, especially when it comes to my skin. Which is why I was intrigued at learning more about PaloVia, the first and only FDA-approved Skin Renewing Laser that you can safely use at home to treat wrinkles around the eyes.

“It’s a breakthrough product,” says CEO Joe Caruso. “Because it brings the power of laser technology to the consumer. We are truly in a revolutionary era when the consumer uses home gadgets regularly.”

How Does PaloVia Work?

The way the technology works is simple: a laser beam delivers light in fractions (pulses) when it comes in direct contact with your skin; it is non ablative in nature (i.e. no incisions occur). The light impacts the surface layers of the dermis, but the effects are far reaching into the skin. The beams are designed to stimulate the skin’s natural process of collagen production and eliminate the wrinkles around the eye area. All you have to do is use it for 3-4 minutes a day for a month to see a real difference.

The best part about using this laser is the safety feature: it will only allow you to use it once every 24 hours, so there’s no danger or fear of abuse.

How To Use

The device is very simple to use, and ergonomically designed, too. The unit comes complete with an initial dose of Pre-Treatment Gel (this is the only thing you’ll ever need to continue replacing), a charger and a storage case.

You’ll need to turn on the unit first. Apply the Palovia Pre-Treatment Gel around the dry under eye area (wherever you have crow’s feet). You may initially want to test out your reaction on your forearm, instead of directly under your eyes. Now, press and release the Activation button to activate it before you can use it. You’ll immediately see a Blue Contact Light that tells you the device is ready for use, plus you’ll notice the LCD screen shows the settings (most people will do fine with the High setting, but if you have sensitive skin like I do, you may want to initially start out with the Low setting).

Place the unit on your skin and perform the application around one eye. For very detailed instructions, including pictures, follow the directions on this PDF. Ideally, you will need 6-8 application stamps around each eye.

Does It Burn?

Honestly, the sensation of the laser is, to me at any rate, the equivalent of mild static. I can tolerate it pretty well, even in the High setting, but you WILL feel something. The light itself is not harsh by any standards and is very safe to use around the eye area.

The best part is the results — truly! Check out the before/after pictures taken after a client used PaloVia:

Palovia Before and After

Well, aren’t you convinced? We certainly are!

Purchasing Information

Where can you buy this unit? Well, it retails for $499 on QVC, and the price is just a fraction of the cost for similar treatments you’d get at the derm’s office.

There is a treatment period of 30 days and then you’ll simply need to rinse and repeat into the maintenance period. But I personally feel I would take this at home gadget any day rather than plunking down over $1K for similar treatments at the derm’s office…wouldn’t you? For more information, visit

BeautyStat is giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win a brand new PaloVia to use and keep. All you need to do is share this post with as many friends on Facebook as you can, and simply leave us a comment below telling us you’ve done so. We hope you’ll have pristine, wrinkle-free skin in the coming year.

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– Charu Suri