Review, Photos: Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Line Of Smoothing And Firming Skin Care Products - Body Wash, Oil, Butter

Review, Photos: Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Line Of Smoothing And Firming Skin Care Products - Body Wash, Oil, Butter

Do you struggle locking moisture into your skin after a shower? Or maybe your skin gets a little dry and irritated after shaving? Today, I will be reviewing some products from Skinnygirl by Bethenny Frankel — a solution to all of these problems.

The line offers a lot more than just skin care products! The first product I am going to start with is the Skinny Girl Body Solutions Smoothing & Firming Body Wash ($9.97). This body wash is infused with cranberry extract and witch hazel. Since it does have witch hazel in it, in my personal opinion, I feel that if you are someone who may struggle with acne on your body (i.e.: on your shoulders, chest area, etc.) this may be a good product to help heal some of that unsightly acne.

Review, Photos: Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Line Of Smoothing And Firming Skin Care Products - Body Wash, Oil, Butter

The Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smoothing & Firming Body Wash has a light, pleasant scent. I can pick up on the cranberries in this body wash, most definitely. This body wash claims to be firming, which I find it did not, having been using this for around 2-3 weeks. As always, I would never rely on a body wash to tone up your skin — that’s something you should hit the gym for. However, for a body wash to make that sort of a statement is rather bold. Maybe after extended and prolonged use of the product, you might see some firming results. There is also a corresponding lotion to the body wash (which I did not test out).

The formula for the body wash has caffeine and cranberry extract in it, which are supposed to improve circulation and stimulate the skin. There is also cucumber extract, to help smooth out your skin as well as soften. Finally, the witch hazel is a natural and effective cleanser. When it comes to lather, I find that I have to use a significantly larger amount of this body wash than other body washes I have tried to get just a normal, typical lather for me. I do use a loofa with this product, so if you are just using a wash cloth then you may have more issues than I did.

It is almost gone and it’s only been around 2-3 weeks of use, so that may be something to note if you like a rich-lathering body wash like I do. The spout on the cap also dispenses a smaller amount of product than normal, so that may be something to note. The scent does not linger on your skin after you shower, like most body washes. I can’t say that I noticed this body wash doing particularly awesome things for my skin; I would not say that I hate it, but I definitely don’t love this product.

Review, Photos: Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Line Of Smoothing And Firming Skin Care Products - Body Wash, Oil, Butter

Next are the two products from the Skinnygirl Mommy line. I tested out the Conditioning Belly Butter ($9.97) and the Soothing Body Oil. For the record, I am not currently pregnant, so I do not suffer from dry, itchy skin on my stomach due to pregnancy, but I did use these products as an all-over moisturizer.

The Conditioning Belly Butter has such an interesting texture to it. It also has an amazing scent! The product has cocoa butter and vitamin E in it, but, to me, the smell leans more towards vanilla icing than cocoa butter… and the texture is rather similar as well! I am in love with this product. This product is super thick, just like any other body butter I have tried. It leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth — and I could definitely see how this would relieve dry and itchy skin for a pregnant woman. There is nothing that would stop you from using this as an all-over moisturizer! It’s fantastic!

One thing to note is that the formula feels a little heavy on the skin, so I think in the hotter summer months it may be a little heavy for everyday use. It doesn’t require too much effort to rub it in. However, there are some little annoying clumps of product within the tub. I found that while using this product they do not rub out, so it makes it annoying to use. But overall, the product does what it claims, and is awesome in my opinion.

Besides shea butter, some of the key ingredients are sunflower seed oil, beeswax, sesame seed oil, cocoa seed butter and vitamin E. I will note that on the website for Skinnygirl it claims that vitamin E helps even out skin tone and diminish the appearance of scars. I do have a scar on my lower abdomen from having three c-sections and I did not notice that this helped it fade at all. Again, I have only been using these products for about 2-3 weeks, so maybe with prolonged usage I could comment more on scar-fading results.

Review, Photos: Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Line Of Smoothing And Firming Skin Care Products - Body Wash, Oil, Butter

The last product is the Soothing Body Oil ($8.88), also part of the Skinnygirl Mommy line. I absolutely love this product as well! Since it is oil, it does require a little bit more effort to rub into your skin to avoid being a slick and shiny mess. However, I do love the soft sheen that this product gives my skin! The only way I can describe this scent is very clean and almost smells floral to me.

According to the website, this product has sweet almond oil, safflower seed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. This product is great to use after shaving your legs, or after the shower. I find that it really locks the moisture into your skin. However, I will add that this is a great product to moisturize your feet with! But, just be careful because it will make the bottom of your feet
slippery, especially if you’re walking on hard wood floors! (Don’t worry, I didn’t fall… hehe)

One more thing I would like to say about the Soothing Body Oil is that I also think this may be a little heavy to wear in the hotter summer months. I can’t say that I have tested this theory of mine out yet, because it’s not that hot here in Michigan, but I’m just assuming by how it feels on your skin. This may or may not be an issue for you if you decide to purchase this product.

Overall, I would recommend the body butter or the body oil. I would purchase these products for myself, regardless of the fact that they are intended for expecting mothers to use. I did not care for the body wash so much and I would not purchase it again.

You can check out their products at or

So, will you be giving any of Bethenny Frankel‘s Skinnygirl line of skincare products a try?

– Dawn Santamarina

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