(Review, Photos) BY TERRY Cosmetics Launches: Complexions Effects, Cover Expert Collections

Not only did I stop to smell the roses, I also sampled By Terry’s new line of foundations, lipsticks and blushes all infused with rose extract as well as black tulips at SPACE.NK.apothecary NY. I learned it’s the black tulips that influenced the overall deep purple hue of the packaging in almost everything you touch in the collection.

Terry de Gunzburg, creator and radiance expert of BY TERRY, introduced two new high tech foundations in her Complexions Effects collection that glided across my skin without feeling heavy or extra dewy. Sheer Expert provides adjustable coverage and smoothes and plumps the skin and overall has a natural satin finish that adjusts and blends into your own skin color with a sheer effect.

By Terry Cosmetics Space NK

After applying, my skin tone was so even it was as if I wasn’t wearing anything…but I was! I didn’t need to wear another product over this but I also wanted to see the difference with having more coverage so the next step was to sample Cover Expert.

By Terry Cosmetics Space NK

Cover Expert corrects imperfections such as dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and immediately lifts, smoothes and illuminates the skin. This coverage was more matte as opposed to the Sheer coverage from Sheer Expert. I tend to like a more matte finish as I am still a bit old school with my coverage. I am in my 40’s and like my puffy dark circles under my eyes to be less noticeable. This product did “hide” my bags and with its nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid filling spheres, I do believe over time they will get less puffy naturally.

By Terry Cosmetics Space NK So Flamenco Lipstick

Both formulas contain what is called I.M.C. ® Intensive Mimetic Camouflage technology which was presented like Photoshop in a tube! Exclusive to BY TERRY, I.M.C. ® leaves the skin with a flawless and natural finish. You can see this in my pictures. My skin looked radiant! Both formulas are available in a gradation of twelve shades.

Both Sheer Expert and Cover Expert are available for $65.00.

TERRYBLY OR ROSE, Ultra-Luminous Compact Foundation, 24K Pink Gold – Rare Edition for $ 97.00 is a luxurious skin jewel enveloped in a “mercury drop” beauty case and. 24K Pink Gold microparticles and fine pearls were infused to create this compact foundation. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it is also enriched with amino acids, vitamins and mineral pigments. It has light reflecting power that infuses with the skin for a more radiant glow. When it was applied to my face, I could promise I saw the tiny particles reflecting the light. It acted like a natural highlighter on my skin and liked the overall shimmer.

BLUSH TERRYBLY, Ultimate Radiance Blush, Lift & Sculpt Reviver for $ 70.00 is sculpted from the most sumptuous mineral pigments and cashmere powders. This product is the revelation of the SHIMMER FANTASY collection and is also in the “mercury drop” beauty case. It plumps and reshapes the structure of the checks by showing the youthful curves in the light. It has the exclusive push up Freshtone ® technology which does appear to plump the skin around the check bone area. These are available in two shades: Torrid Peach and Sexy Plum.

ROUGE TERRYBLY SHIMMER Age Defense Lipstick for $48.00 has a new texture for BY TERRY. It is powdery cream enriched with the Lumilip ® technology for a promise of a more shimmering, vibrant, glaze effect that seems magically plumped. I sampled the So Flamenco which was a fiery red and although I did not feel any tingling associated with some other lip plumper’s, my lips looked more full immediately upon wear. The texture did feel powdery yet still hydrating and creamy. These are available in 5 shades: Fire on the Rock, So Flamenco, Love Me Tender, Love Affair and Kiss Me Quick.

By Terry Cosmetics Space NK

After using Cover Expert and Complexion Effects with Age Defense Lipstick in “So Flamenco”

Thank you to Brian Bracero who is the newly appointed National Trainer and Makeup Artist for BY TERRY for his further explanation of these luxurious products and to Ananda at SPACE.NK for her flawless makeup application skills!

I wanted to note the packaging is exquisitely detailed down to the logo embossed on the actual lipsticks. No stone is unturned when it comes down to product ingredients, meaning that she will use the rarest ingredients and also her attention to detail when it comes to her overall packaging and cases. For a marketing guru such as myself, it was lovely to see how much effort is put into her products. It’s her overall passion for what she does and how she does it that is contagious and translates into this luxury brand.

All products available at Space.NK, CO Bigelow, Barney’s and Beautybar.com this December/January.

Nicole Gordon Levin

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