Review, Photos: Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask

After recently sampling the gorgeous camouflage-like limited edition makeup collection by Anselm Reyle and their Spring 2012 Garden Party Collection, I was over the moon to try this Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask.

Review, Photos: Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask

The Utra-Detox Treatment-Mask is said to have been created with exceptional revitalizing and detoxifying effectiveness due to the heart of it’s formula, Detoxinyle ™. Detoxinyle ™ is marketed as a powerful and natural detoxifying agent that when in contact with the skin, transforms into a melt-away mask to deliver its powerful ingredients deep inside the skins cells. The directions say to apply a generous amount and then leave on for 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Review, Photos: Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask

After I applied a generous amount, it left a dewy film on my skin. And then after 10 minutes, it dried to a clear film that I removed using the spatula that was provided.
Once removed, I saw that my skin appeared brighter, more even toned, my fine lines seemed less indented and smoother. It actually glowed.

I know that $95.00 is not pocket change, but this product will last for quite a while and based on the results, I’m not sure I can live without it.

Available at Dior counters and for $ 95.00. So tell us, will you checking out this new mask? Leave a comment below to let us know.

– Nicole Gordon Levine

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