(Review, Photos, Giveaway) Carmex Healing Lotion and Cream Collection

I received the Carmex Healing Lotion and Cream collection a few days ago. I have used Carmex as my go to for lips for years and so I was delighted to try the blogger collection. In this lovely little gift bag were two full size products and two smaller ones to keep in my purse and gym bag. I am forever putting lotion on my hands, body etc. so this was genius.

Carmex Healing Cream and Lotion

The Carmex Lotion is very silky to the touch. And it quickly it absorbed into my skin. But would it be up to the task to take care of my wintery, flaky, body? I have very itchy, blotchy skin and it seemed to calm my arms and hands down almost immediately. Can you say HEAVENLY?? I did find the scent of the lotion a little strong at first, but it seemed to disappear once the lotion was absorbed. . I am so happy with how this product almost immediately seemed to calm down my irritated skin. Bye, Bye Allergy medicine. I can now use Carmen to calm my itch.

I have the driest most callus prone feet going, and like the lotion, I was curious if the Cream was up to the task to take care of my stiletto wearing, city walking feet. Like the lotion I give this Cream a thumbs up. My feet were on cloud 9 after applying it: elbows, feet, knees..my body can’t get enough. And unlike similar heavy cremes on the market, this product sunk into my skin and didn’t leave any residue. I highly recommend this!! I keep the crème now in my bag to save my weary hoofers.

Go get both of these Carmex body treatments.. Trust me, your body will be thankful!!

You can purchase both these products at Walgreens and CVS and Walmart.

We are giving away a set of these creams and lotions to one lucky winner for the holidays. Simply leave a comment below on what part of your body needs moisture the most during winter. A winner will be picked by December 10th. Good luck and happy holidays!

Erin Sutera

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