Review, Photos: Previse Skin Care -- Skin Type 4 & 5 - Personalized Regimen

Review, Photos: Previse Skin Care -- Skin Type 4 & 5

I’m a beauty product fanatic and cannot help myself when it comes to trying a new brand or a new product. This time it was Previse Skincare. The main goal of the brand is to defend our skin from damaging effects of UV and environmental aggressors like pollution.

With this skin care system, there is no way you can choose the wrong set. When you go to the company website, it directs you to take a Personal Skin Care Consultation survey. Based on your answers, Previse Skincare determines your skin type and the recommended products, no guess work! This Skincare Consultation is based on extensive expert research from renowned dermatologists in evaluating eleven critical elements based on your genetics to differentiate different skin types and tendency to develop skin problems based on family history.

I did the consultation too and was advised that I’m Skin Type 4 & 5. This is typical for my Asian skin that has got high levels of naturally occurring melanin. This kind of skin may be oily when using regular moisturizers unlike other skin types. It is a 3-step system: Purify, Nutrify and Defend — the names say it all.

Review, Photos: Previse Skin Care -- Skin Type 4 & 5

Purify is a cleanser and is very effective in removing oxidized skin cells, makeup and airborne and water pollutants.Take a dime-size amount of the solution and apply it to your wet face. Massage at least for 2 minutes as that’s when the product really works on your skin. Then rinse it off. It is safe to use multiple times a day as it doesn’t strip your natural oil from the skin. I have been using it on my face and neck area for around 10 days and no doubt my skin can tell the difference. After a long time, now I’m blessed with flawless, baby soft skin.

Review, Photos: Previse Skin Care -- Skin Type 4 & 5

The next step is Nutrify. This is a liposomal tonic which naturally hydrates skin. It contains a magic humectant, saccharide isomerate, that locks in moisture to protect any dryness in the skin. The best part of this product: it’s almost as light as water and perfectly hydrates your skin; doesn’t overdo hydration. I used it on my ‘purified’ face. The packaging has a dropper to take some quantized product out. As advised, I used around 5 drops every application. First, rub the product onto your fingertips to warm and emulsify the product. And then with your fingertips, massage it into your whole face and neck area. If required, you can add another 5 drops of the product, too.

It felt slightly moist after application but I liked it — giving me a very fresh, nourished feeling. Ever heard of wasabi in skincare? Well, it’s present in this product and it absolutely works! Wasabi extract has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial to boost skin’s defense against excessive sunlight.

Review, Photos: Previse Skin Care -- Skin Type 4 & 5

The final step is Defend to complete your Previse regimen. It contains specialized soybean extract to restore skin’s elasticity and enhance collagen synthesis. The texture is like a gel-cream, easily glides on your skin and then gets absorbed. I can tell that it does not clog pores at all.

This line has got rosemary leaf extract that fights against mutagenic effects of radiation. The combination of rosemary and tea tree oil gives the product a very refreshing fragrance. And, to top it all off, it contains the humectant hyaluronic acid that improves cell cohesion — improving the skin barrier. All these products are free from silicones, harsh preservatives, petroleum and synthetic oils. Find out more at

So, ladies, are you pumped to take your free Personal Skin Care Consultation and start ‘Prevising’? …. Score FREE samples by clicking ..>> HERE !

– Upasana Sahu, cosmetic chemist

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