Review, Photos: Proactiv Oil Control Oil Blotter Sheets - Effective At Removing Excess Oil And Shine

Review, Photos: Proactiv Oil Control Oil Blotter Sheets - Effective At Removing Excess Oil And Shine

When I think of oil blotting sheets, I think of shiny, sweaty girls who need to wipe off that extra bit of oil for a more glowy complexion. My skin is not only dry, but bone dry. Like painfully dry and chapped in the winter. I don’t get shiny, save for over 100 degree weather days… But then ‘that time of the month’ rolls around and my usually dry, spotless skin takes a slight turn for the worse and gets just the tiniest bit acne-prone and oily. Enter Proactiv Oil Control Oil Blotter Sheets ($11.00; $8.95 membership price)!

No, I never owned oil blotting sheets until it came review time, but the idea always seemed pretty cool to me — just pat your face down with a blotting sheet for an instant, oil-free complexion. Sounds good to me. Proactiv‘s Blotter Sheets are not only affordable and come with 130 blotter sheets, but they also come in a convenient plastic carrying case; it’s extremely easy to just slip these babies in your purse, makeup bag or even your pocket for all-day oil protection.

Made with 100% pure, natural fiber paper, these sheets left my slightly oily skin mattified and silky smooth to the touch. What’s great is that they instantly absorbed the oil without leaving any gross residue on my skin. Although I don’t really have a reference point to compare these to, these blotting sheets definitely are durable and non-tearing (something a friend had complained to me about with other blotting papers when she knew I was going to be reviewing this product).

Moreover, girls with sensitive, acne-prone skin can rejoice at the fact that these sheets are made without talc or any artificial ingredients like mineral oil, which helps if you’re trying to prevent or stop future breakouts. All in all, my first foray into the world of blotting sheets was not only fun, but a worthwhile one as well. If your skin is on the oily side, or even if you just get occasionally oily come ‘that time of the month,’ I’d definitely recommend Proactiv Oil Control Oil Blotter Sheets.

So, ladies… Have any of you ever tried oil blotting sheets before and swear by them? If so, what are some of your favorite brands? Let us know and comment below!

– Vanessa Powers

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