(Review & Photos) Sephora Collaborates with Allure Magazine to Launch Beauty Editor Palette

There’s nothing more beautiful when a beauty magazine such as Allure collaborates with the ultimate beauty mecca (Sephora) to create a beauty palette. The result? The allure + Sephora palette.

Sephora Allure Beauty Palette

I’ve seen many beauty palettes in my lifetime, and have been impressed with holiday trunks from Sephora that hold everything from lip gloss to eye shadow to eye liner. What makes this palette different is that there are so many mini palettes that come with the caboodle, as well as one empty carry on palette that you can use while you travel. Each carries six eye shadows, one blush or bronzer, and one doe foot lipgloss.

Sephora Allure Beauty Palette

The five fashionable color palettes really speak to us because “they’re carefully chosen by editors,” said Amy Keller Laird at the launch. There are five interchangeable palettes that have fun names:

Sephora Allure Beauty Palette

1. All Fun No Sun: coppers, bronzes and browns (great for those who love a bit of shimmer. As a dark-skinned girl this is my kind of palette when I want just a hint of shimmer and depth. A warm palette).

2. Color Theory: sharp jewel tones like violet and green (this is my fun palette. Its deep, highly-pigmented shades will make your job of transitioning from day to evening that much easier. The colors are similar to those found in M.A.C. Peacocky).

3. Beauty 101: soft nudes and taupes (as Amy Keller Laird mentioned during the event, this is a truly versatile palette, the beauty equivalent of nude underwear. Every girl needs one).

4. Sparkles Fly: black, bold gold and orange (this is a slightly more bold palette that has colors more suited for the evening).

5. Where There’s Smoke: smoky charcoal and grays (what would life be without a smokey eye?).

Sephora Allure Beauty Palette

I truly think based on the value of all the palettes, $34 is a really excellent price because this could well retail for over $100. The pigments are rich and I especially love the lip gloss that is not tacky but wears beautifully. The texture of the gloss is not as fine as L’Oreal’s new Le Gloss but it delivers a bit more pigment than some of Le Gloss shades.

Tell us, have you purchased this palette? Would you? Why or why not?

Charu Suri

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