Review, Photos: Sisley Buff and Wash Botanical Facial Gel Cleanser

Review, Photos: Sisley Buff and Wash Facial Gel Cleanser-- A Bit Pricey, But Effective Nonetheless

This aromatic Buff And Wash Botanical Facial Gel from Sisley ($117.00) — rich in natural plant extracts and essential oils — is said to “gently cleanse and slough off the surface dead cells and impurities that dull the complexion.” The combined action of soy extract, with its soothing properties, and serine, whose main function is to hold water, makes this gel an extremely gentle yet effective formula. The gel formula incorporates microspheres to gently “wake up” the face, and the natural botanical extracts (lemon and poppy) as well as the essential oils (verbena and lavender) have an appealingly fresh scent and feel.

Finally, the ultra-mild formula preserves the skin’s natural pH and is ideal for daily use, suitable for all skin types, too. Though the company recommends using it in the morning (to clarify skin and make it ready to receive the maximum benefits from creams, serums and other products) I will confess that I used it at night instead, because night is when I do my major make-up removal and skin cleansing. I found it a lovely product — having a lovely fresh scent and effective, striking just the right balance. It exfoliated enough to make my skin feel very fresh and clean, but not so harsh (as some scrubs can be) that it made my skin feel overly scrubbed or raw. And, it was a great base for my nighttime skin regime of serum + moisturizer.

The only downside in my view is the $117 price tag. Yes, it is an excellent product but I am guessing there are other fine scrubs out there that don’t cost quite as much. Bottom line: If money is no object, stockpile this one. But if you are more budget conscious — and I certainly am — keep looking.

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– Yona McDonough

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