Review, Photos: Skindinävia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finishing Spray - Does Not Melt In The Summer Heat & Humidity

Review, Photos: Skindinävia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finishing Spray - Does Not Melt In The Summer Heat & Humidity

When I first got this bottle, I thought to myself, “Another makeup setting spray?” There have been so many on the market in the last few years, and I haven’t felt that any one of them actually did anything — my makeup didn’t look any better 10 hours later. Well, finally I have been proven wrong with Skindinävia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finishing Spray — it’s AWESOME!

This product will ALWAYS be in my bridal kit from now on! Why is it so great you ask? I work at a gym a few days a week, and take spinning classes. I knew I was pushing my limits, but I figured why not? So, I did my makeup as I would normally (which includes lots of eye makeup and bronzer I might add!) and proceeded to take my boss’ grueling forty-five minute spin class. I was spinning in a pool of sweat and eagerly ran to the bathroom when I was finished to see how my makeup held up. WELL? I could not believe the staying power of this product!

Sure, I was much dewier-looking than normal, but my makeup still looked good enough to go out afterwards. My eye makeup didn’t budge, and my foundation did not run! This stuff is awesome! And to boot, you don’t need a lot of product. All I did was apply my makeup as I normally do, shook the bottle well and sprayed 8-inches away from my face in a criss-cross motion.

I am happy to say also that Skindinävia does not test on animals and is paraben-free. Did I mention that people complimented me on how GREAT my skin looked? As I have previously mentioned in other posts, I am thirty-eight and tend to have large pores on my cheeks with fine lines around my mouth and nasal folds. After a few spritzes… 10 years younger, just like that. I HIGHLY recommend this spray. It really impressed me! I give it my highest ranking: 10 out of 10!

They also have four other sprays for different skin types:
Original Formula – Normal
No More Shine – Oily
Moisture Lock – Mature
Bridal – Extra Strength Moist Lock

2 oz – $19.00
4oz – $29. 00
8oz – $39.00

Wanna get that Uma Thurman ethereal glow? Get yourself some Skindinävia!

– Erin Sutera, senior writer and makeup artist

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