(Review, Photos, Swatches) Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15

Clinique is raising the bar when it comes to anti-aging makeup, with its new product Repairware Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15.

Debuting in September, the makeup aims to combat what a lot of women are fighting against: lines and wrinkles. The anti-aging makeup category is exploding (before, the word ‘anti-aging’ usually meant skincare), but now it’s all about multitasking products.

Clinique Repairware Laser Focus All Smooth Makeup SPF 15

The new All-Smooth Makeup with SPF 15 incorporates the brand’s advanced patented technology from the powerhouse de-aging serum, Clinique Repairware Laser Focus. Hence, it’s a de-aging foundation. The aim of the liquid makeup is to soften the lines, cover imperfections and help create a flawless look and feel while helping address the concerns of lines and wrinkles.

Clinique Repairware Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15

Clinique Repairware Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15

This smoothing makeup also aims to prevent and repair the damage caused by UV rays, and the product makes use of ultrasomes that work over time to help visibly repair damaged skin. There’s of course the hydration component to this foundation too; otherwise you don’t want it to be too drying; hence the Vitamin E and Murumuru Seed Butter that strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Clinique Repairware Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15

How We Think It Works

I love this idea, for starters. Anti-aging makeup is still in its infancy, and I’m thrilled Clinique is introducing this much-needed foundation on the heels of its highly successful Repairware Laser Focus. It wears well on the skin as you can see below; even though the shade of the foundation I received is a tad lighter than what I need, it goes on without any fuss, and is easy to blend with your fingers. Does it cover imperfections? Yes, and you don’t need more than one thin layer. Does it hydrate? Yes, but I would advise that you wear a moisturizer as appropriate for your skin type before applying the foundation.

Clinique Repairware Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15

For the price tag of $32.50, this is good value. When it comes out in September, I have no doubt that it will be wildly successful.

What are your thoughts on anti-aging makeup and Clinique’s new Repairware Laser Focus in particular? To read about the brand’s latest Lid Smoothies, click here.

Charu Suri

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