Review, Photos, Swatches: Merle Norman Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

Review, Photos, Swatches: Merle Norman Summer 2012 Color Collection -- Peachy Coral Blush And Semi-Matte Lips

Summer is the season for a new look, new makeup products and fun colors! Today, I have two new products from Merle Norman to share with you that will warm up any look you have planned for summer — and add a pop of color to your lips!

The first item I have from Merle Norman is the Lasting Cheek Color in shade Peach to the Choir. I love this! It’s such a great peach/coral color, perfect for summer. There are small flecks of gold shimmer in the product, but I don’t find that they transfer very well on the skin, either when swatching or when used with a blush brush. The application is actually quite nice and leaves a nice sheen to the skin without being too shimmery or glittery.

Review, Photos, Swatches: Merle Norman Summer 2012 Color Collection -- Peachy Coral Blush And Semi-Matte Lips

Review, Photos, Swatches: Merle Norman Summer 2012 Color Collection -- Peachy Coral Blush And Semi-Matte Lips

The product is a little powdery, and if you take a peek at the swatch you will see that the powder kind of transfers all over the packaging (near where the small brush that is included is held). I did not find this to be bothersome or anything but it is something to note about the product.

The product lasted the entire day on my cheeks without having to reapply (FYI: I do have oily/combination skin, so this is very impressive). I have been using this blush for quite some time since I received it and I thoroughly enjoy it — a great summer shade! The product has little to no scent; it is quite pigmented but not major where you are only dipping the tip of your brush into the product. I like this a lot actually, because I’m not afraid to over apply.

The packaging is very sturdy and classy. It has a somewhat shiny, black packaging with the words “Merle Norman” on the front in silver. It has a fairly large and very nice mirror on the inside of the package. I do not particularly like the brush that comes with it — I find that it does not apply or blend the blush out to my liking, but I often just use my own separate brush for applying. The bristles are not as soft as I would like and I do believe they are synthetic. This is a limited edition color, so you will have to act fast if you want to purchase. As part of the Summer 2012 Color Collection you will receive 7 different products, including the mentioned cheek color. Note: The color is photographing slightly more pink than it actually is. It is a true peachy shade.

Review, Photos, Swatches: Merle Norman Summer 2012 Color Collection -- Peachy Coral Blush And Semi-Matte Lips

The next product that I have to share is the Lip Pencil Plus in the shade A Flare to Remember, which is a dual-ended product; the lip liner is on one end and the lip color pencil is on the other. I know what you’re thinking: you’ve seen products like this before and they never stand up to the challenge… but, I am telling you, this product is great!

Review, Photos, Swatches: Merle Norman Summer 2012 Color Collection -- Peachy Coral Blush And Semi-Matte Lips

The liner is 1/3 of the pencil and the lip color is 2/3, so you should be able to use them for the same amount of time if used together! The lip color gives a semi-matte finish according to the packaging and I find that claim to ring true. It has just enough shine to look nice on the lips but it is not glossy or shimmery in any way. This is great because if you want a matte color you can have it, but, if you choose to go shimmery, all you have to do is add a gloss and you’re good to go! The liner is a great shade, it has undertones of the coral/tangerine color but it is not overpowering for a liner. It stays put and helps discourage feathering from the lip product itself. The lip color is an awesome pop of color to bring life to any look!

Both the liner and the lip color are very smooth and creamy. I experienced no tugging or pulling when lining the lips. I enjoyed this product and would love a product like this in a nude shade for everyday use! This was a fun color to wear on the weekend and would be great to wear out for a girl’s night out with your friends!

As for wear time, I was very impressed. This is not a stain or like a stain in any way. It will wear off when you smoke/drink/eat/talk, but the time that it stays on your lips is actually very long-lasting. I had no issues with feathering while eating either. I found that the product stayed put until I wiped my mouth with a napkin. However, it was not a hassle to reapply nor was it drying in the least — I found it to be quite moisturizing.

The packaging is very sturdy. I don’t feel like the thick pencil will break with use or anything like that. The caps are also very sturdy and add a little shine to the product. It clearly states the color on the product and also which end is the liner/color for you. Note: This color is photographing slightly pink, but is a very vibrant tangerine shade.

Also, Merle Norman has introduced several other items along with the Summer 2012 Color Collection that I have not tested. These include eye color quads, lip polishes and lip glazes, along with a bronzing powder and an expert touch finishing spray.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, please visit Through the website you can locate a Merle Norman store near you. These products are NOT available to purchase online, you must visit a store. I have done a little bit of research and it seems to be that the stores are franchised. Due to this fact, prices may vary from store to store. Prices are also not listed on the website for any of the products listed. This is a slightly higher-end brand, so I would expect a slightly higher price.

– Dawn Santamarina

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