(Review) Redken Extreme Fortifier Line For Distressed Hair

Although I keep reminding myself on a constant basis that hair is made up of dead cells, recent studies and evidence has shown the importance of adding protein and nutrients to your strands.

We’ve been fans of several Redken products over the years that promise to add a gloss texture, tame frizz and shine over the year. With clockwork regularity, the line introduces a new line what seems like every month. Its latest effort is the dual-patented Fortifying Complex and Interlock Protein Network that enables the penetration of the hair shaft now more than ever before.

Redken Extreme Haircare Line with Interlock Protein Network

The new IPN technology was designed to bring protein to the core of the hair fiber. This allows the hair to have considerable strength and support. And, if you think about it, that internal strength and wellness is fundamental to true beauty — inner beauty. You can’t put sprays, gloss, creams and waxes to a crumbling foundation because you’re just masking the problem. Redken’s new line definitely addresses that.

By restoring the lipid layer of the hair with ceramide, the cuticle (damaged or not) gets structural repair.

So, when I tried the Extreme Haircare line, which features an impressive seven products (yes, it was like receiving a visit from the Von Trapp family), you get a customized level of repair for distressed hair. The Extreme Shampoo lathers well and gives your strands a thorough cleansing without weighing down the hair or being too fragrant. The Extreme Conditioner is light and pearly. The new Extreme Strength Builder Fortifying Rinse-Out Mask gives the hair a deep conditioning treatment (you need to leave it on for 5-10 minutes post shampoo). I personally love the new and improved Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment that gives you heat protection and reduces friction from brushing. It also helps prevent split ends.

The bottom line is, while it seems like there are a lot of products in this line to add to your routine, you’ll see results if you use them faithfully. I’ve been using this line for about a week now and the number of strands that have broken away from my hair has definitely minimized. If your hair is particularly damaged, then definitely use the CAT protein reconstructing treatment that adds immediate strength without adding any weight to your hair.

There’s absolutely no question that this line — not only because of its technology, but of its efficacy — is a MUST for those with weak, damaged or distressed hair. While there is some element of hydration in this line, it’s not a complete frizz fighter, so you’ll do well to apply the Shine Flash Glistening 02 Mist after you’re done.

The products are sold at a salon, so be sure to visit Redken.com to find the salon closest to you. Please report back with your results!

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– Charu Suri