Review: The Body Shop Holiday 2013 Collections - Honeymania, Colour Crush Lipstick, Body Butter Lollipop, Camomile Make-Up Removal, Ginger Sparkle

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Class was in session for The Body Shop’s Holiday 2013 preview this past September – literally. Classroom chairs, books, backpacks, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, apples and even our hostess was dressed up as a school teacher!


4 Milan and Ev with her shawlMilan & Evelyn. Shawls really suit her!

Cutest set-up ever! We were each greeted by Milan Bhattarai of Nepal, who draped gorgeous hand-woven silk shawls around our shoulders.

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I truly wanted to wait until now to show you this amazing line-up at The Body Shop, so that you could appreciate the ENTIRE collection for the holiday season.

6 EmilyEmily-Anne Rigal

The two guest speakers of the evening were: 19-year-old Emily-Anne Rigal and Professor Milan Bhattarai, the head of Get Paper Industry in Kathmandu, Nepal. BOTH had amazing stories to tell about their mission in helping others and making a difference.

5 Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

A great product helping Grassroots Charities is The Body Shop Foundation Dragon Fruit Lip Butter ($6.00). Your purchase of the Lip Butter will go to a charity of your choice: WeStopHate, Big Cat Rescue or Sprout Up.

Products listed later in this review benefit the Community Fair Trade (CFT). Become a beauty activist and “raise your lips, your voice – YOUR VOTE!”

Emily is the voice in the crusade against bullying, and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Seventeen Magazine, CNN and MTV. Emily is the Director of (a non-profit organization she founded in 2010 at age 16) and has been ranked by Newsweek on their list of the 150 Most Fearless Women in the World (visit for more info.)

7 MilanMilan Bhattarai

Milan started the Get Paper Industry as a family business in traditional paper-making to inspire women to be empowered, employing more women than men and paying them the same wage (a rarity in Nepal) to help raise the status of women! (Please visit for more information.)

9.1Evelyn had LOTS of homework to do!

We also received a notebook made from handmade paper. I’m sure any beauty editor can agree that this was the heaviest gift bag (or better yet, book bag) EVER intended for pampering before, during and after the holidays.


Such a huge collection, it took me well over a month to test everything. My favorite line: Honeymania, an exquisite 7-pc line (sold separately) of moisture-enriched products made with wild honey from Ethiopia.

To make enough honey for every product in this collection, it took almost 100 bees traveling over 1,300 miles, so they could harvest the nectar from nearly 50,000 flowers! Don’t feel bad for the bees, there’s a story of sweet success: Ethiopian beekeepers benefit from Community Fair Trade (CFT).

(Clockwise, from my hand:) Body Scrub ($20.00), Bubble Bath Melt ($14.00), Shower Gel ($8.00), Eau de Toilette ($14.00), Soap ($4.00), Body Butter ($20.00) and Lip Balm ($6.00). The Honeymania line is super-fragrant, rich and feels as great as it smells. It’s “the bee’s knees!”

Other items from my 2013 Holiday Haul from The Body Shop (but not all):


Limited Edition Body Butter Lollipop ($25.00) — A collection with CFT shea butters from Ghana, in flavors: Shea, Coconut, Strawberry, Moringa and Satsuma.


Colour Crush Lipstick ($12.50 each/available in 24 shades; matte, pearlescent or sparkly finish) — A collection of rose-scented lush shades with rich color that moisturize your lips.

The Camomile Make-Up Removal Collection: Tough on makeup, yet soft on skin with the power of calming camomile. This line leaves your skin feeling petal-fresh! (CFT), from flowers grown without pesticides from Norfolk, England.) Silky Cleansing Oil ($15.00), Waterproof Make-Up Remover ($15.00), Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ($15.00), Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover ($15.50).

Tea Tree line for Blemished Skin: Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash ($12.50) & Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub ($14.00) — A fresh approach using tea tree oil to combat blemishes and clear your skin. (CFT from the foothills of Mount Kenya) For full line, visit

Ginger Sparkle Collection – Special edition sets of Ginger Sparkle, Vanilla Bliss and Cranberry Joy ALL smell DELISH.

Body butters, shower gels, hand lotions/wash, body polish will give you that festive bliss to help you spice up this holiday season. Shown here: Cranberry Joy Body Polish ($20.00), Vanilla Bliss Lip Dome ($4.00) and Ginger Sparkle Hand Lotion ($12.00). This is one collection I had a hard time NOT eating! (CFT ingredients).

Are you beauties excited about the new items from The Body Shop? Which ones have you already tried?

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– Evelyn Lugo

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