(Review) The Rise of Over the Counter Teeth Whiteners: GO SMILE Smile Whitening Light & Crest White Strips

Teeth whitening has come a long way over the years, with treatments at the doctor’s office now becoming a treat or even –dare we say — a thing of the past.

From the popular two-hour Crest Whitestrips and its 3D Whitening toothpaste to the Go Smile Smile Whitening Ampoules, the consumer has several choices these days, and there are several choices that won’t break the bank but will give you plenty to smile about.

There are, however, those who warn about the side effects of over the counter teeth whiteners, particularly on the gum line. This is because a lot of these at-home teeth whiteners use peroxide as their whitening agent. Customers do experience teeth sensitivity, and may feel a tingling sensation. But for those of us who really want a whiter than white smile, the allure of beauty gadgets that promise glistening, white teeth is on the rise.

So, this is where the GO SMiLE Whitening Light device comes in. The first efficacious white LED light device that’s available over the counter, this lightweight gadget is proven to lighten your teeth by up to six shades in JUST 30 minutes. This 30 minute session consists of three 10 minute light session that is accompanied by a GO SMiLE Whitening ampoule.

The light is engineered to remove all surface stains from your teeth and activates the Smile Whitening Ampoule, and it aims to work fast without any sensitivity. There are several celebrities who love the Go Smile Whitening Light; just take a look at Whitney Port inspecting the gadget, below:

Whitney Port Browsing Nordstrom GoSMILE

The gadget is not too expensive — only $198 — and retails at Nordstrom and Go Smile. We think it’s one of the cutest eye candy, light-powered devices to hit the market yet, and the light does not contain harmful UV technology. We fell in love with the tiny, pocket-friendly ampoules that will give any girl a fresher breath and whiter teeth in minutes. Now, the Whitening Light is the arsenal that only YOU will know about –station it at home and indulge in the knowledge that you only need 30 minutes to look camera ready.

When we tried it, we were impressed at the efficacy. It does exactly what the instructions say it would do — whiten in 30 minutes. After all, a hair coloring treatment takes longer, so, we give this one two thumbs up in the efficiency department.

Charu Suri

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