Review, Tutorial: How To Get A Cat Eye Makeup Look - Tips To Wing Eyeliner

Review, Tutorial: How To Get A Cat Eye Makeup Look - Tips To Wing Eyeliner

It looks like the 1960’s beauty staple, the cat eye, is coming back in a big way. Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing the demure look at the Chanel Show in Paris this week, and we saw a reemergence of the trend on the runway during New York Fashion Week. BeautyStat got in touch with two renowned cosmetic brands: Merle Norman and Alison Raffaele Cosmetics, to gives us the tools you’ll need and tips to create the classic cat eye look at home. Meow!

Review, Tutorial: How To Get A Cat Eye Makeup Look - Tips To Wing Eyeliner

Jennifer Lopez

Alison Raffaele says that the trick to doing any style of cat eye is learning to create its signature elongated wing. Alison Raffaele in celebration of her brand’s 12th anniversary HERE!>

What you’ll need:

• An all-over cream highlighter (1 shade lighter than your skin)
• Colorless setting powder
• Flat eyeshadow brush, about ¼” across
• Angled eyeliner brush
• A charcoal brown eyeshadow
• Eye makeup remover & Q-tips


1. Apply a light cream highlighter all over the eyelid and blend well so that the lids are an even color and then set in place with a colorless setting powder. The layer of setting powder will also make the dark shadow blend much easier (I like my Incandescence Luminizer ($28.00) in Yellow and Transparent Finish ($28.00) powder for this.).

Review, Tutorial: How To Get A Cat Eye Makeup Look - Tips To Wing Eyeliner

2. Load your flat eyeshadow brush with the charcoal brown shadow (like my Bittersweet Soft Shadow ($19.50) from my original Skin Alison Raffaele line) and blow/tap off any excess (getting the excess off is really important).

3. Rest the middle finger of your non-working hand between the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eyebrow and gently lift the corner of your eye taught, upwards and outwards towards your temple.

Review, Tutorial: How To Get A Cat Eye Makeup Look - Tips To Wing Eyeliner

4. Hold your flat eyeshadow brush so that the tips of the bristles are pointing downwards and the handle upwards. Then, using the sides of the bristle tips, gently begin to “sketch” along the line between the corner of your eye and eyebrow – the longer this line extends towards your brow, the more dramatic your cat eye will be.

5. Once you have your wing the length you want, turn your brush around so that the bristles are pointing upward and the handle downward and “sketch” inwards along your crease towards the outer third of your lid and fill in the wing to complete the cat eye.

6. Use a Q-tip saturated with non-oily makeup remover to clean up any shadow that may have fallen under your eye and to sharpen the outer edge of the wing.

This is a basic cat eye. For a stronger look, line your eye with black liquid, felt-tip or cake liner like this:

1. Beginning at the inner corner of your eye, trace your lash line all the way to the outer corner.
2. From the outer corner of the eye, trace the outline of the wing upwards towards the temple.
3. Draw a straight, diagonal line connecting the end of the wing to your lash line. Fill in.
4. Line your inner rims with black pencil liner, if desired.

Watch the video as Merle Norman makeup artist Sarah Uslan explains how to create two unique cat eye looks:

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Review, Tutorial: How To Get A Cat Eye Makeup Look - Tips To Wing Eyeliner

Each product is tucked inside an exclusive leather carrying case, featuring a custom-designed black and white contemporary kaleidoscope print interior. Features a step-by-step how-to tutorial, which will guide you through creating cat-eye perfection. Available November 1, 2012. Retail Value $55 / Suggested Retail Price: $30 at Merle Norman Studios.

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