(Review): Venus ProSkin MoistureRich Razor

We all want our skin to be smooth, soft to the touch and radiant. This means, there’s no place for nicks and cuts.

And we’ve tried countless razors, creams, after-shave lotions (the feminine versions, of course), and moisturizers. And of course, we’ve tried more than our fair share of depilatories.

Gillette Venus ProSkin MoistureRich Razor

We’ve always been huge fans of Venus razors (thank goodness they didn’t name it “Mars” or “Luna”). True to the name, the elegant, ergonomically-shaped razors leave your skin stubble free and clean. Our Venus journey has included the purple Embrace (the brand’s first five-blade razor with a ribbon of moisture), and the Spa Breeze 2 +1 Razor and Shave Gel combined.

Now, the brand has launched ProSkin MoistureRich Razor whose shave gel bars are enriched by a triple blend of body butters. This enhances the skin’s protection and leaves it soft and as smooth as pelt.

The razor is actually one of my favorites: it has a pivoting head that hugs your curves and contours and reaches all those hard to reach areas. The only pet peeve I have about this razor is that the shave gel bars dissolve pretty quickly in the shower, so you’re encouraged to store them in an area where your shower water can’t reach them (if you leave them by the tub, they just end up a tad messy).

Other than that, I had a very pleasant experience shaving with the ProSkin MoistureRich Razor. The unit comes with two replacement razor cartridges and a shower hook and retails at drugstores for $9.79.

Have you tried ProSkin? What do you think about it?

– Charu Suri

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