(Review) Vincent Longo Summer 2011 Collection - Galaxy Dream

Every summer evening should have a touch of makeup sparkle. Vincent Longo’s new Summer “Galaxy Dream” collection pays homage to that dream. The new collection plays up the bright lights and twinkling look of distant nebulae, galaxies and stars with the number of baked Pearl X eyeshadows, Pearl Shine V Gloss, Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer.

Vincent Longo Concealer

Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer

The Pearl X eyeshadow features a matte base, but comes alive with the pearlescent colors and textures. There are five new eye shadows that feature warm and cool tones, including:

  • “Code 6 Pink” (magenta and gold with matte turquoise, antique rose and charcoal)
  • “Destiny Rose” (matte green, pink and lavender carpet with sparkling seeds of garnet, blue, silver and lavender)
  • “Etherea” (mineral and metallic richesse of gold, bronze and copper, with highlights in warm bursts of rich topaz on a palette of matte brown)
  • “Luna Beach” (plays peacock with brown, grey and purple matte bases pressed with hot pink, electric blue and copper pearls)
  • “Novalei” (silver sheen, combining deep purple, blue and silver accents of saturated glimmer across a matte palette of sophisticated grey-greens to lighter lavender-blues).

    Pearl X Eyeshadow

The Perfect Shine V Gloss ($22.00) provides a plumping effect and features a natural Tripeptide. It comes in:

  • “Alpha 7” —a sensuous, kissable fuchsia at lips’ brightest
  • “Carina”—a playful peach tone that imparts a warm sheen
  • “Ella” — an earth-rich natural mauve brown with cool undertones
  • “Sexty”— a natural light brown sheen infused with antique rose

The Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer ($28.00) comes in four shades with a felt-tipped automatic applicator pen. It provides a beautifully even, streak-free coverage, and also gives you an anti aging effect with peptides (one helps erase dark circles, and Arnica extract increases blood circulation and minimizes discolorations. It comes in:

  • Amber
  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Tan

Vincent Longo’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection will be available for purchase at VincentLongo.com.

What is particularly notable about this collection is the variety of shades, and the anti aging component. The Pearl X Eyeshadows are both matte and sparkling (which is rare), and the felt-tipped applicator concealer has anti aging components (hard to find in many concealers).

Have you tried indie brands like Vincent Longo? Do you find them more or less appealing than bigger brand names?

Charu Suri