Reviewed & Approved: Arbonne Lipstick Vlog and Swatches

Jam, Scarlet, Strawberry, Runway Rouge….these are some of the shades that our resident vlogger, Nat Neagle, tries on her lips and the result is a very pin-up girl effect.

These deep, dark winter-appropriate lipsticks are reminiscent of MAC Cosmetics’ highly pigmented slimshines, and these are slimmer and chicer than the traditional fatter lipsticks.

Arbonne’s lipstick offerings are relatively new and they debuted this year, so we are excited to show you how well they wear. “All the creaminess of a lip stain and the look of a lipstick,” is Nat Neagle’s verdict in this charming video.

Each lipstick retails for $22 at (through your local representative) and wears beautifully. Check this video out (just click on the image below play the video) and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below…

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– Natasha Neagle