(Review/Photos/Interview) Tone Launches Vino Moisture Body Wash: a Moment with Singer Sara Bareilles

We’ve seen several products come across our desk over the past year that have an element of vinotherapy. I must admit I am hooked on wine — the movie Sideways hooked me, line and sinker, on Pinot Noir.

tone vino moisture body wash crushed grape and shea butter

When I was introduced to Tone’s latest Vino Moisture Body Wash with crushed grape and shea butter, all I could think of was Sideways. The bottle is richly draped in wine-like colors and it looks like something that would sit peacefully (and not too jarring or out of place) in a liquor store. Not that I’m suggesting you do such a thing, of course.

tone vino moisture body wash crushed grape and shea butter

I’m a certified body wash junkie — and I do love shower gels more than I do soap. And I particularly give top marks to shower gels that hydrate really well.

Tone’s new Vino Moisture Body Wash does not smell too rich (you know how cloying those gels can be to the point where you need a clothespin for your nose?) and is really and truly pleasant to get a whiff of once you open the lid. The gentle, mother of pearl texture of the shower gel is also calming, and a pretty baby pink.

Best of all, for $3.99, it’s one of the best value products I’ve seen because it does moisturize your skin and also leave it looking radiant. For an 18-ounce bottle of body wash, $3.99 is a good deal; for that price to get a truly smooth wash and moisture, it’s pretty priceless.

Here’s how I would suggest using Tone’s new wunderkind:

Step One: Take a nice hot shower (or swirl some in a tub) and relax;

Step Two: Open a nice bottle of red wine;

Step Three: Read your favorite glossy along with the wine and just enjoy the feeling of a nice quiet spa night at home.

Tone has also partnered with singer Sara Bareilles for a Backstage Pass Facebook campaign where you can experience Sara’s moments backstage as she goes on tour. We caught up with Sara when she was recently in New York, playing to an excited audience in Central Park, and asked her what her favorite beauty item was. “I like my lipstick,” she says, and admits she likes jewelry as well.

Tell us your favorite ways to unwind. What’s your at home spa treatment of choice?

Charu Suri

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