Richie Rich Fall 2009 Backstage Runway

This is the show that makes drag queens feel underdressed. Trust Richie Rich, who had his Fall 2009 showing at the Waldorf Astoria on Feb 18th, to go over the top with his clothes and makeup.

This is one of my most favorite makeup looks during Fashion Week: the shimmering eyeshadow, rich eyeliner and stained lips really pop like the Aurora Borealis. According to the makeup artist of the show Kabuki, “We used a Norma Jean-to-Marilyn Monroe theme.” “The makeup is exaggerated since the space for the show, the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom, is so huge. Working with Richie Rich is always fun, a designer with a real flair for showbiz.”

Kabuki suggested two looks for the show: the first suggests a bit of Andy Warhol icon Edie Sedgwick – big eyes, defined brows and a taupe pencil. The second look is the first look taken to the extreme… with the aid of false lashes on the eyes, brighter highlights on the lids and cheeks and a shiny red gloss on the lips.

The look was meant to build throughout the show. It got stronger reflecting going from day to night (Edie Sedgwick to Marilyn Monroe).

Kabuki hails from England and in 2009, is presenting his masterclass throughout various cities in the U.S. for MAC.


For the eyes:

-Powerpoint Eye Pencil, White Frost Eyeshadow, Blacktrack Fluidline and Grand Duos Collection (Love Rock and Moon River), Reflects Rust Glitter and #36 EyeLashes

For the face:

-Studio Sculpt Foundation

For the lips:



TRESemmé stylists were the masters of hair at Richie Rich.

Two looks told the story of a cool, punk rock “chick” that grew up to become a refined woman: pin curled pompadours and Mohawk with cornrows—this fierce yet feminine look best featured Rich’s look for 2009.

This look was teased and set it using TRESemmé’s 24-hour Body Spray, which has a pretty strong hold. This technique can be taken from the runway to reality too. Just spray the hair, set with your curling iron and it is off you go!


Colorful, over the top at times, but never a dull moment. And oh, yes, Pamela Anderson is wearing that gold…thing. The show was called “Blondes Have More Fun” …except there were more brunettes on the runway than blondes.