Rolling Razor Lets You Roll With It

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Rolling Razor wins the prize for cutting down your stubble. It’s a razor that you can grip with your finger tip (actually, it’s two razors — the double headed god of razors) and you can literally roll it back and forth over your stubble until it’s gone.

Rolling Razor

There is a men’s version and a woman’s version (yup, you guessed which colors are gender specific). The razor also has a gender specific shaving cream and replacement cartridges (for women is the Pomegranate; for men, it’s the more macho Eucalyptus).

The way the razor is designed is innovative:

– There’s a no slip rubber grip. When I was using the razor, I had no problems getting a clean shave (I thought at first it would be a nuisance, but it feels completely natural).

– The motions of the razor are up and down (you literally roll it up and down the area where you want to shave). I thought I would cut myself, but the razors do NOT injure you at all…they only tackle the stubble. My underarms got the closest shave I’ve ever experienced. Honest.

– You can hang it on your bathroom wall using the suction cup and designer base provided.

Rolling Razor

The razor comes with a cover (shown in the picture above) and is perfectly portable and great for traveling.

I really like the cute design too. In fact, I don’t think I would really ever go back to my regular Mach 3.

The razor retails for $14.95 and the cream for over $8 at There’s even a camouflage one for use in the military (Jungle Camouflage; Jungle Jane are green. Desert Camouflage and Sahara Adventure are brown).

Rolling Razor Camouflage

Give these guys an award for innovation that works!