RSF Pharmaceuticals' Caviar Daily Cream

Luxury, indulgence and exclusivity are just a couple of words that come to mind when I think of caviar. It should come as no surprise then to learn that RSF Pharmaceuticals prides itself on being a global leader in age management and cosmeceuticals. As the most potent caviar cream on the market, RSF Caviar Daily Cream firms and lifts the skin while stimulating collagen activation as the cream soaks into your pores.

RSF Pharmaceuticals Caviar Day Cream

Besides being an appetizer for the well to do, caviar is also an exclusive cosmetic ingredient because of its rich essential amino acids and peptides that have high regenerative properties and give skin the ultimate in damage control. The proteins in the caviar contain properties that plump the skin and relax wrinkles leaving you with a glow that looks like you bathed in the fountain of youth. Using jojoba and sweet almond oils with natural moisturizers containing raw Dead Sea salts, your skin is left hydrated and balanced.

RSF Pharmaceuticals takes a medical approach to age-management by researching and creating exclusive, customized skincare for the highest grade results. Their products are developed by pharmacists and physicians and produce clinical, evidence based results. With the current state of the economy, cosmetic surgery is out of reach for most budgets so RSF Caviar Daily Cream is a remarkable, luxe yet cost-effective alternative to going under the knife.

The cream retails for $195.