Sponsored: Sea Magic –H2O Plus Bottles the Nourishing Properties of the Sea

So, you’re a total beauty junkie but haven’t just found the IT line yet.

You’re obsessed with all things earthy, from minerals to mighty botanicals, but somehow you’ve always gravitated toward the aqua side of things.

Have you ever felt the healing effects of the ocean? Your cuts and burns heal instantly, almost magically, and your skin is beautifully “cured.” H2O Plus has captured this source of deep healing in its skincare. The company believes that the sea holds the power to heal, protect and renew your skin and hair.

H2O Plus is one of those gems that, once discovered, will magnetically pull you in time and again. Powered by marine science, this line has you covered head to toe with nourishing formulas for your skin, body and hair. H2O Plus delivers a deeper approach to diminishing your fine lines and maximizing your skin’s moisture content.

There is a collection to suit virtually every skin type and concern:

• The enormously popular Oasis™ oil-free hydration line contains marine actives to plump your skin with moisture (their Hydrating Treatment, $34, is a worldwide best seller);

• The Sea Results anti-aging line harnesses the powers of the sea along with powerful peptides and science;

• Aqualibrium daily essentials are a collection of pore-purifying masks and gentle cleansers;

• The Green Tea line offers antioxidant protective properties (super soothing for sensitive skin);

• Anti-Acne blemish control line is especially for those who find pesky breakouts hard to contain;

• Waterwhite is a brightening line that attacks dark spots and dullness like a magic eraser;

• The Sea Pure natural anti-aging line is a new collection that is designed to stimulate skin’s cellular renewal for a virtually lineless look; it is also 100% vegan and biodegradable;

• The Sea Clear oil control line is designed to remove excess oil and pore-deep bacteria for seriously gorgeous,shine-free skin.

Visit H2O Plus’s web site for more information, and find products handily organized according to your skincare concern, from hydration to acne.

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In addition to all of the above, we have an H2O Plus skincare expert, Jason Lown, who will stop by on BeautyStat.com’s Facebook page on Friday, November 5, from 1pm-3pm to answer questions you have about the line, aging and all that great stuff. Be sure to drop by for a chance to win MORE great must-haves from H2O Plus. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge for perfect skin!

Remember to share you love of this line via Facebook or email and leave a comment below to say you “heart” H2o Plus for a chance to win free products!