Self Magazine Interviews Founder, Ron Robinson

Beauty Stats

As I’ve mentioned we’ve been working on our 2009 Healthy Beauty Awards which are predicated on the idea that you know what’s best when you see it, use it, and feel it. You know and we love knowing what you like and what works for you, that’s why when we honor the best launches of the year we turn to you to do that work! We send out thousands of new products to over a thousand testers who sign up to participate on and we deliver the results in the May issue (and we give away a full set so look for that sweepstakes in May too), coming your way soon! But what about your all time favorites (the things that aren’t new but you love) and what about finding out about someone else’s tried and true beauty booty? Beyond checking out (Log on here to share!) where hundreds of women discuss their loves you can now go to launched just three weeks ago – where subscribers share their discoveries. Not only a reality check into the real deal behind a label’s promise, the site also recommends specific products for you based on the profile you fill out when you join. It’s like an insta-friend who has the same skin issues as you telling you what worked for her. The guy who created it, Ron Robinson, beautystat.jpg
worked for years as a product developer at Avon, Revlon, Lancome, Clinique, his resume reads like a cosmetics best of list! This is his way of giving back. Ron said that after years of contributing to the confusion, i.e. creating lots of products with loads of claims, it was time for him to unravel the mysteries inside the jars for all of us out here who are overwhelmed by our options. He felt the best way to do that was to hold a virtual focus group: have real women de-mystify product’s results by having them publicly share their specific experiences of different creams and potions. The result is like an ever evolving beauty awards, by the people, for the people, and of the people. It’s what we strive to do here at Self, each day, in each issue; show you the options, explain the different aspects of the options, and highlight what will work for you. Check it out and let us know what you think on!