Serena Williams: Mission Skincare Oxygen Cleanser

We love this fast acting high-foaming oxygen daily cleanser that Serena Williams designed for Mission Skincare. Why? For one, I dig the citrusy smell and I’m all over anything that froths like the sea. A dime sized amount of this cleanser will go a long way.

It’s also good for all skin types, and for all ethnicities, and I’m grateful for that. I have very finicky skin, and sometimes products that work on fairer skin do not always work on mine. Thankfully, this one does — and by that I mean that my skin is very fresh, clean and perfectly hydrated after I use this cleanser.

mission-skincare oxygen facial by serena williams

It also has antioxidant properties with ingredients like vitamins, aloe, Vitamin E, grape seed extract and tea leaf extract.

As they say, it’s athlete engineered. The cleanser retails for $39.99 at Mission Skincare.