Shine On: Dashing Diva's Gelife Manicures

The Everlasting Gobstopper of manicures is here!

Dashing Diva has introduced a new service called Gelife that gives your nails a shine that’s matched only by cellophane and the Intl. Space Station perhaps. The new procedure involves a soft removable gel application (just like nail polish) and then cured under a UV light. The dry time is so minimal that you’re done before you can say “Johnny Depp”!

Dashing Dive Gelife Manicure

The Gelife mani lasts a long time too, without chipping, and also contains calcium that actually fortifies nails to boot. Gee, does it pay my credit card bills too? That would be super sweet!

Colors will be launched for the fall, but for now, the summer look involves clear and pink tinted gel painted over natural nails. Check out my awesome French mani above! The three options are Clear, Cool Pink & Warm Pink.

You can remove Gelife by soaking nails in pure acetone. Only at salons!

Gelife Natural Manicure – $45

Gelife Natural Pedicure – $60

Gelife French Manicure – $55

Gelife French Tip Extension – $65