Shu Uemura’s Vision of Hair in V! Mag with Model Coco Young

They may look smashing on the runway, but off the runway? It sees models are just like us normal ladies. Translation: they’re not sure how to duplicate the haute hairstyles from the catwalk, either!

In this video, a senior stylist from Shu Uemura teams up with V! Magazine to show Coco Young how to produce two looks directly from the glossy pages of her fashion mag. Want to rock an around-the-head braid in a way that doesn’ t scream “I just watched The Sound of Music?” What about 70’s-inspired kill-me-curls, inspired by Faye Dunaway a la Laura Mars? Watch the video here.

Now that’s hair play. Click on the picture to see the video.

Caitlin Garthoffner