Sibu Beauty Skincare taps into Sea Buckthorn's Power

If you had told me a while ago that I would fall in love with a tiny orange fruit called the Sea Buckthorn I would have politely told you to check into Bellevue.

sibu beauty

I was introduced to Sibu Beauty by Peter McMullin and Thor Harris one delightful evening and was enchanted to hear about the entire process of harnessing and harvesting the power of this strange but beautiful fruit.

Peter’s father, Bruce, founded Sibu after going to Calcutta where he encountered an ayurvedic specialist who raved about the powers of the seabuckthorn berry. In his quest get this magic ingredient, Bruce ended up traveling to remote parts of the Himalayas and ensuring the best and most perfect fruit end up in a jar in your medicine cabinet.

I am a fan of all things natural and potent. I believe in acai. I believe in the power of lemon facials and honey masks. So naturally, I was as curious as George when I heard about this tart, yellowish fruit that resembled a bonsai version of an orange.

Why Sea Buckthorn? Apparently since the fruit grows in fairly high altitudes (think 12,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas), it withstands the weather well. It is also a rich source of Omega fatty acid 7, which is essential for the production of vital hair and skin health.

Well, that certainly makes sense. If I were harnessing a fruit and slathering it on my face I wouldn’t want it to be one that wilts at sea level. What good would that do me?

I tested all the products in this line: Facial Soap, Facial Cream, Liquid Dietary Supplement, and a soft gel supplement (Cellular Support).

I have to be honest — I was all over the facial soap and cream, but the idea of supplements irk me. They remind me of taking Benadryl as a kid, and every time I pop pills into my system I feel the placebo effect.

Sibu Beauty

But Sibu’s Liquid Dietary Supplement tastes just like orange juice. In fact, I ended up gulping half the bottle one warm, muggy day and then realizing I was just supposed to ingest it a teaspoon at a time. Slowly.

While I did not experience a radical change in my skin over a period of 30 days from drinking the vat of Liquid Dietary Supplement, I did notice clearer skin, and I did manage to avoid that pesky flu spell that was going around my neighborhood block. So I am very grateful to this drink for keeping me healthy and glowing.

Sibu Beauty

The Facial Soap (Cleanse & Detox) I love. It’s so gentle, perfect for the most sensitive of skins, and simply refuses to strip the moisture from your face. The Facial Cream (Repair & Protect) is also light, like souffle, and goes on beautifully and can also be used as a basic layer of SPF. It helps rosacea and eczema sufferers too. After using the soap and facial cream I noticed a marked improvement in my skin’s hydration levels and smoothness. I did have to continue using my acne medication though, because my skin is oily and prone to breakouts.

The bottom line is: I would buy Sibu Beauty’s products (especially the soap, cream and liquid dietary supplement) especially if I needed hydration and the ability to get really luminous skin without resorting to synthetic ingredients.

I do think a scrub is necessary though (I believe they might be coming out with one) but if you have sensitive skin and a love for natural, wholesome products, this is the line for you!