Skin Beautiful Enough for a Pool Party: Eight Body Moisture

Not a few but fourteen natural and essential ingredients are included in this light as air, slightly fragrant and intensely refreshing suite of products that not only energize but completely REVIVE the spirit.

The Eight Body Moisture line features a dry skin body brush that sloughs off all your dead skin cells and stimulates the circulation. It also prepares the skin to receive the goodness of moisture that’s just around the corner (in a bottle). Use the dry skin brush all over your body and you’ll be surprised. One word: ZESTY.

The Ginger Lime Creme Body Wash is a true tropical treat featuring ten essential ingredients including a blend of sweet almond, apricot oils and fresh ginger and lime. Honestly I felt as though the bottle swung out from a tree and I was transported into a Rudyard Kipling novel. After I showered, I experienced the rich luxuriance that is the Ginger Lime Eight Sugar Scrub. Sweet but not sickly sweet, this jar made me inhale, loose myself, release tensions from the day and exfoliate. Pure nirvana.

The Body Moisture is the crowning glory to your Eight routine. Light and not overly fragrant, this scent will last you through the day but very gently– almost as a tease to the delights to come ahead.

One thing is sure, you won’t pry me out of these treasures for a long time. Here’s a delicious regimen I am sticking to.

Charu Suri