Skin Dessert: Mark's For Goodness Face

Berries and chocolate are popular when it comes to snacking, but it’s not too often you hear about them as ingredients in your face lotion. That’s why we were so surprised to read that Mark’s For Goodness Face antioxidant moisturizing lotion smells uniquely of fresh blueberries and dark chocolate. We’re well aware of the benefits of antioxidants; these powerful vitamins rejuvenate inside and out. But in a lotion? Wouldn’t it be better to have those berries and chocolate on your dessert tray?

We gave For Goodness Face a significant test run, and found its unusual scent to be vividly refreshing. With an SPF 30, you can bypass the extra sunscreen and know you’re protected from the suns’ harmful rays all day long. The only downside to this culinary fantasy for the face? The top pops off to reveal a pump, which is meant to dole out small amounts of the lotion so the rest doesn’t go to waste. However, we found it to be more of a pain in the neck when you can just unscrew the top. Besides the strange packaging, we’re thrilled Mark has developed a reasonably priced lotion that can contend with the department store brands. The unique scent of blueberries and dark chocolate is just an added bonus. So give For Goodness Face a try, for goodness sake.