Zone Depilatory: Schick Intuition Plus & Nair Exfoliator with Skin Renewal Microbeads

I have yet to experience truly warm, skirt-friendly weather, but that does not stop me from dreaming. To prepare for this promised balminess, I took two new depilatories out for a spin.

Nair Exfoliator with Skin Renewal Microbeads ($9.99 at drugstores) uses lanolin and mineral oil while the microbeads of the title buff dead skin away. Oh, and yes, the cream removes hair as well. I realized as soon as I popped the cap open that Nair had come a long way (baby.) I first flirted with Nair about ten years ago, and the noxious smell and stinging sensation sent me running for razors and shaving cream. Now milder, I barely noticed the scent and felt nothing as I left the cream on my legs for the required five minutes. I chose to use a bladeless razor to remove the cream, but a damp washcloth works, too. My legs stayed fuzz-free for three days, and I well appreciated the extra boost of moisture.

I dislike razors in general, as I usually fall victim to my own unsteady hand. I put aside my fear of cuts and razor burn to give the Schick Intuition Plus ($9.49 at drugstores) a shot. Like the plain old Intuition before it, the Intuition Plus has a razor surrounded by a shaving solid that lathers gently when used in the shower or bath. Unlike its predecessor, the Intuition Plus features a pivoting head to allow for maximum maneuverability and comfort, and so preventing nicks and scrapes. The slim handle’s no-slip rubber made for a painless, efficient shave. For all the sensitive skinned ladies out there, the Intuition Plus comes in a fragrance-free variety with aloe and vitamin E to leave your skin extra calm afterwards.

Both of these products pull double-duty by softening skin even as they remover unwanted hair. Either would make standard beauty routines that much quicker, to allow us all the more time to enjoy the (eventual) summer weather.