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Skincare Review, Ingredients: Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask

Sleep masks have been touted as the next big thing in anti-aging. In response to the growing trend, Avon has created a “groundbreaking ultra-light gel mask that delivers deep hydration…without an uncomfortable thick texture.” Avon’s ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask’s “revolutionary” texture features an “ultra-replenishing, weightless gel with encapsulated shea butter beads” that burst upon contact with skin. The gel, $30, also contains encapsulated hyaluronic acid, a hydrator known for restoring the skin’s moisture reserves and plant derived ceramides, which help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and lock in moisture throughout the day. It’s also fragrance and oil free, and suitable enough for sensitive skin.

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jar packaging Skincare Review, Ingredients: Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask

The resulting formula is said to deeply hydrate, plump and soften the complexion while effectively minimizing the look of fine lines. It “absorbs instantly and remains on skin overnight without leaving residue on your pillow.”

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This gel mask works during skin’s vital repair time, while you sleep, to amplify moisturization that lasts for 48 hours. This revolutionary solution to dehydrated skin is a real plus since dry, moisture-depleted skin can magnify signs of aging.

jar packaging Skincare Review, Ingredients: Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask

I used this product as recommended—three times in a single week—without any other serums, moisturizers or night products. I liked the look of the little beads but worried that they might be grainy—good for a scrub, but for not an overnight mask. But my concern subsided as soon as I smoothed it on—the little beads did break down and vanish as soon as the gel made contact with my skin. It was a tad tacky going on, but as promised, the absorption was great and there was nothing on my face—or the pillowcase—in the morning. And I really did look like I had a great night’s sleep—all rosy, fresh and rested.

Avon claims that in two weeks:

  • Skin feels less vulnerable to aging signs
  • Dramatically improves the visible signs of dryness
  • The look of fine, dry lines are dramatically improved
  • Aging signs look visibly improved

Given the positive results I had in a week, I will continue to use the product. It’s a nice addition to the beauty regime at a very nice price.

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