Skincare, Review, Ingredients, Olay, ProX, Anti, Aging, Nightly, Purifying, Micro, Peel

Skincare Review, Ingredients: Olay ProX Anti-Aging Nightly Purifying Micro Peel

The new ProX Anti-Aging Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel by Olay, $35.99, delivers a peel treatment in the privacy of your own bathroom. Gentle yet exfoliating, the Micro-Peel is rich with vitamin B5 to renew skin’s surface, layer by layer, with a soothing triple-acid formula.

Skincare Review, Ingredients: Olay ProX Anti-Aging Nightly Purifying Micro Peel

Olay scientists have professionally designed the Micro-Peel with glycolic properties. Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is used to smooth wrinkles, fade hyper-pigmentation and sun damage, and generally improve the tone and texture of the skin. As such, it is often used in anti-aging products.)

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The Micro-Peel is said to allow skin to replenish faster and rid itself of naturally built-up oil, dirt and excess skin. The formula cleanses impurities and promotes moisture and hydration. It is an alternative to the traditional, spa peel treatment in addition to being clinically and dermatologist tested, and fragrance, oil, and dye free.

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I confess that the word “peel” had me a little anxious; my skin is sensitive and I did not want to use anything too abrasive on it. But in fact, the clear, syrupy liquid (conveniently pre-measured) was as gentle as promised, and after five nights of use (on cleansed skin, with no other serums or night creams), I did notice a difference in my complexion. The peel revealed a fresh and youthful looking layer underneath and it really did look like I’d gone to a spa—or been on a great vacation, getting ten hours of sleep a night. And the price is very modest for a product of this sort. I will be using this one for a long time to come.

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