Skincare Review: L’Oréal Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser For All Skin Types

Skincare Review: L’Oréal Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser For All Skin Types

When introducing this new Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser, L’Oréal promises quick and easy makeup removal with a “deeply purifying formula” that “removes dirt and oil for an incredible clean.”

They also claim that the product will leave no residue and cause no tightness. Additionally, the product is oil-free, suitable for sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested for safety and non-comedogenic.

I used this for a week or so and am happy to report that the cleanser is all that and more! It has a lovely, light formula with a pleasing fragrance, as it offers superior cleaning with none of that dry, starchy feeling some cleansers can result in.

And can we talk about the price? At $4.99 for a 6.8 tube, this one is a real steal! I’m stocking up now. And who knows what I’ll do with all that money I’ve saved? Will it be the classic black, quilted lambskin Chanel bag I’ve always coveted? Or a fabulously patterned silk square from Hermès? Decisions, decisions…

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– Yona McDonough

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