So, Who actually cares about Black Friday?

At midnight on Black Friday, just like in Cinderella, something miraculous happens in many cities and towns over the United States. Homo Sapiens who were previously completely unmotivated to even drive to the corner store to purchase a toothbrush now eagerly put their warm winter woolies and prepare to stand in line (either for them or their girlfriends); moms eagerly clip coupons hoping to save on Le Creuset sets; and beauty junkies hope to snag something really magical and larger than a lipstick.

Today has been America’s biggest shopping day since 1966, and chances are you’re likely clicking the shopping carts on cyber deals instead of reading this post (if so, good for you!). We need people like you to contribute to the nation’s GDP and retail sales, for sure. This year, in addition to Black Friday, beauty junkies can participate in sweeter than brown sugar Cyber Monday deals (yes, will be reporting on those too…stay tuned!).

So, curious to know what beauty items are actually flying off the shelves? According to Gina, the sales manager from the Sephora store in Cambridge, MA, the Endless Color Blockbuster palette ($49 for a $435 value) is as popular this year as ever before. With over 98 eye shadows, 70 lip glosses, 6 creamy eye liners, 2 lip liners, mascara and several applicators, this palette is the color equivalent to getting the entire rainbow in one stash.

But a few people we interviewed are admittedly skeptical about the Black Friday tradition. “I do Cyber Mondays instead,” says one shopper, who also admits to leafing through the coupon booklet for Black Friday deals. “But I can’t brave the crowds.”

For people who like the euphoria of a stampede and the excitement of crowds (in the style of a Superbowl game or Major League Baseball), then Black Friday really might be the day of credit card emancipation they’ve been waiting for. Let’s face it, retail therapy is so part of our country that it’s practically Constitutional. Abe Lincoln would have been proud to see how Americans are propping up the economy, right?

Tell us, what beauty goodies are you hauling home today and on Cyber Monday?

– Charu Suri

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