Spa 25 Tuesdays: A Bikini Facial at the Beauty Jewel Spa in New York

The very idea of a Brazilian wax followed by a bikini facial conjures all sorts of awkward scenarios, but Beauty Jewel Spa sidesteps them all. My esthetician, Nina, set me a ease at once with a manner both practical and friendly. She banished any potential unpleasantness by explaining her every move simply and with humor. (She used hard wax on my bikini area because it’s kinder to the skin than other waxes, and made sure to point out that the spa’s wax was of the highest quality, and so yielded the best results.)

After the Brazilian, which caused shockingly little pain, thanks to Nina’s efficient operations, we moved to the facial room. Nina helpfully explained that the bikini facial has many purposes, depending on the client’s needs. The client can get the bikini facial immediately following the waxing, as I opted, to soothe sensitive skin. Nina used steam followed by calming mask that quieted my bikini area and reduced the risk of ingrown hairs. On the other hand, booking the treatment in the weeks following a bikini wax comes in handy when dealing with any ingrowns or discoloration.

Bikini Facial Jewel Spa

When I asked Nina about the nature of the products used, she promptly told me that she had employed a mix of Sonia Dakar and Yon-Ka face products, and went on to acquaint me with their benefits. Dakar’s line contains very few synthetic chemicals, and Yon-Ka can boast an even greener ingredient list, so I felt secure knowing that nothing harsh or irritating had been used on my bikini line. After apply a hydrating cream, I was ready to re-enter the world, pampered and discomfort-free. It’s important to not that I’m not a regular waxer, but this experience at Beauty Jewel was easy-going and unstressful even for a novice like myself.

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Katharine McKenzie

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