SPONSORED GIVEAWAY: What’s Your “Wicked Style”? Harajuku Lovers

Sometimes you just want to make a statement — through the ‘look’ you put on, the music you listen to, and how you carry yourself, you’re putting yourself out there, showing the world just who you are. Depending on your mood, and where you may be, you might go for a subdued cool vibe, a playfully cute edge, or even at times may want to just be fantastically over the top. Gwen Stefani knows just how you feel, and her latest Harajuku Lovers fragrances embodies those very styles.

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Gwen Stefani

The limited edition collectibles in the “Wicked Style” collection is all about the Japanese hotspot where everything got started: Takeshita-Dori, a narrow pedestrian street packed to the brim with only fashionable people. So, in essence, the fragrances transport you to somewhere far, far away. The five “Wicked Style” fragrances are character collectibles: “Lil’ Angel” is a Gothic Lolita (a sparkling floral), “Love” is a Sweet Lolita (a fruity floral), “G” is a fashion-forward trendsetter (also a fruity floral), “Music” is a personality embracing lots of makeup and hairstyles (woody floral), and “Baby” is about playful clothing and toys (vanilla floral). Which one would best describe you? Check them all out at www.HarajukuLovers.com and find out for yourself!

We’re giving you so many ways to spread the “Wicked Style” love and genius this New Year! All you have to do is share this post with your family and friends AND email us a note at wickedstyle@beautystat.com saying you’ve done so, with your full mailing address, by January 15th, 2011.* You’ll be entered to win one of 50 special “Wicked Style Bento Box” sets that includes three eye shadows, three lip glosses, one eye liner, one lip liner, two double-ended makeup applicators and five 0.04 oz of Wicked Style fragrances. In addition, two extremely lucky individuals will receive a Harajuku Lovers fragrance signed by Gwen Stefani herself (in “Lil’ Angel” or “Baby”). Yes, you can pinch yourself now! Please note that this contest is closed.

Visit www.sephora.com or your nearest store pronto to purchase one of the “Wicked Style” fragrances for yourself. And though the season of “giving” is technically over, isn’t it a smart idea to always do the karmic thing? So don’t forget to spread the love to your friends and family for the chance to win a Wicked Style Bento Box.

We know that Gwen and the Harajuku Girls certainly would.

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The Winners of this Contest are below (winners will receive their products in a few weeks):

Angela Burdo – Grand Prize Winner
gabrielle Chang – Grand Prize Winner

Those below have won Bento Boxes:

Amoni Brown
Brianna Beer
Areli Diaz
traci gonzalez
Justin Parker
Kimberly Coudreaut
Shannon Scott
Betty Dennis
Darci chylik
Dana White
Dana Weiss
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