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Japanese Beauty Brands Shiseido SKII Ci Labo

We’ve seen and envied Japanese women and their flawless, porcelain skin and chalked up such gorgeousness to a shrug of the shoulders and talk of “good genes.” But seriously, which gal (or guy) wouldn’t want their face to be so Billboard worthy?

We suspect that quite a few of you have also spent a considerable amount of time rummaging the aisles to find out if the Asian beauty brands are a good match for you, from sizing up Shiseido, SK-II to examining Dr. Ci: Labo. Now, we understand that the hunt and peck method isn’t all that, but what if you had all these Japanese beauty brands all contained beautifully under one web site’s umbrella?

It seems as though Japanese Beauty Brands heard your inner wish, because not only do they contain the major Japanese Skincare brands under one roof, they’re all the lowest prices online, guaranteed!. In addition, you can conveniently search for products for men, women and baby on one convenient portal. And if you’re one of the first ten people to spend over $75 on their site, and you’ll get a Nine West bag…FREE!

What’s more, the site houses brands that are particularly hard to find and/or are seldom discounted, including Shiseido and Taplis. The offerings from Shiseido are comprehensive, and include not only their gentle skincare solutions, but also their cosmetics and fragrances as well. And Taplis offers emulsions, creams and energy masks perfect for women on the go who want extremely comforting and portable solutions. And through December 4th, they’re offering up to 30% off both these brands!

And now we are offering three beauty hampers filled with Shiseido products worth $100 each, to those of you who share this advertorial with your friends, give Japanese Beauty Brands a LIKE on their Facebook page and leave a comment below to tell us you’ve done so by December 11th. This carefully-curated hamper will include products like the Anti Wrinkle Cream, Cleansing Foam, and Revitalizer Cream…all perfect for the cooler season.

Sounds easy, right? So remember to click on the Facebook page link above, share this with your friends and leave a comment for consideration. And remember that the first 10 order over $75 receive a free Nine West bag, so be sure to check out www.jbeautybrands.com/special-gifts for the lowest prices on Japanese cosmetics…guaranteed! Because the secret to good skincare does not have to be quite so “Lost in Translation”.