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Tattoo Regret: Removal Is On The Rise, Best Tattoo Removing Lasers, Treatments - Smart Beauty Guide - How To

Tattoo Regret: Removal Is On The Rise, Best Tattoo Removing Lasers, Treatments - Smart Beauty Guide - How To

Have you ever admired something but never necessarily wanted it for yourself? I admire how well a deep tan looks (it’s the epitome of summer health), but I don’t want to spend hours in the sun to achieve it — all that UV damage can catch up to you.

The same goes for tattoos. I think tattoos are cool, wonderful works of art. But I don’t think I could ever deal with the pain, let alone the idea of having an image/saying engraved on my body forever. That being said, it looks like more and more people are having tattoo regret, and a recent news story from The Today Show highlights this growing trend.

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According to statistics from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 45,224 tattoo removal procedures were performed last year in this country. That percentage is up by 11% compared to just two years ago. Another study indicates that 32% of Gen Xers and a whopping 38% of millennials have a tattoo, while baby boomers only comprise 15% of the total…so I guess tattoo removal numbers will continue to go up.

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Expectedly, with the removal of old ink, comes new and innovative technology to help remove tattoos even better than before. The article states that the PicoSure laser is the first FDA-approved picosecond aesthetic laser, which is the biggest advancement in tattoo removal lasers seen in 20 years.

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Do any of you beauties have tattoos you wish weren’t there anymore? Would you ever consider one of these treatments?

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