Ted Gibson On "What Not To Wear"!

I have a major crush on What Not To Wear. It’s a simply brilliant show –it’s as simple as singing church hymns but it WORKS. I only envy those who get selected to be part of WNTW because they get some valuable schmoozing time with my crushes: Stacy & Clinton.

Now there’s someone else sneaking into the scene — also whom is deliciously crush-worthy. Ted Gibson will be replacing Nick Arrojo in the hairstyling department in the shows commencing July 24th.

Ted Gibson and What Not to Wear

I attended the celebration party last night at Ted’s salon on 5th Avenue, where I met him, Jason Backe (star colorist who happens to share the same passion about puppies as I do), and my blogging buddies Aly, Carolyn & Kristin Booker.

I asked Ted how this all came about. “Well, I had to audition for it,” he said. “I didn’t know what I was even auditioning for. Then the produces got back to me in two days and told me that I had the job for What Not To Wear.”

Ted was extremely stoked but he wanted to take some time to think about it. “Basically, I didn’t want it to affect my relationship with my celebrity clients,” he said. “But I said yes, and they couldn’t be happier for me!”

Ted Gibson Hairsheet

Well, neither can we. This is such a huge exposure to the already incredibly famous brand. Ted’s products are nothing short of extraordinary (which girl do you know does not love his “Hair Sheets“?). ‘Nuff said!

Jason Backe at What Not To Wear Party

Jason Backe and moi.

Also present at the celebratory party was celebrity stylist David Evangelista.

David Evangelista at What Not To Wear Ted Gibson Party

We wish Ted every success in this extremely exciting new career role. We’ll be tuning in each week Ted, so beware!