The Best of BeautyFix: Autumn 2009 Edition

Whenever I get that black bag filled with products from BeautyFix, I’m like a kid in Dylan’s Candy Shop. I know that a lot of these products are personally cherry picked by experts and I’m always on the hunt for something that’s revolutionary or magical (and remember you can reserve your bag each season for $49.99).

Here are some of my favorite items from the Autumn Black Bag of BeautyFix Goodies (brands in this bag include 3LAB, Canyon Ranch, Coola, Chella, Frais, Jonathan Product and RAW Natural Beauty):


3LAB’s Perfect Cleansing Foam is extremely suitable for sensitive skin. This took my makeup right off without overdrying. LOVE it!


Canyon Ranch BALANCE Lightweight Moisture with Pronad may well be one of my all time favorites. As light as whipped cream, this creamy lotion hydrates better than most high-priced versions and is PERFECT pre makeup. Remember this moisturizer alone costs $75, so you’re getting it for a steal at BeautyFix!


Chella Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment Mask is an incredibly hydrating mask that does what it promises to do: clear excess sebum and remove dead cells from the skin. It left my skin luminous as the moon, and without the need for too much follow-up moisturizer.


Frais Hand Santizier is tiny as a charm and perfect for your pocket book. Plus it wards off H1N1 with a refreshing smell that’s not nauseating. This Australian company gets top marks in our books.


Jonathan Product’s Finish Shine Polishing Gloss is 100% Vegan and is a dry oil that gives you a great Padma Lakshmi -esque shine to your hair. Recommendation: use very very little. Seriously…a little goes a long way…like “twelve miles of hair” long way…


Coola’s Total Body Unscented Moisturizer with SPF30 is great for those individuals for whom extreme fragrance are a bit too much. It’s also water resistant, paraben free and hypoallergenic and I know what I’m packing in my beach bag next Summer.


RAWMineral’s Mineral Eyeshadow trio in Spice, Sand and Camel are meant to blend together. Apply the Camel shade from the lash line to brow bone, Sand shade to lower eyelid and the Spice shade to the crease of the eye. It’s actually perfect for lighter skin tones…on darker skins, not so much.

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