The Best of Hard Candy for Walmart (swatches)

Many diehard Hard Candy fans were disappointed when the beloved cosmetic company announced that they were discontinuing their distribution in department and beauty specialty stores. Now this high-end brand known for its unusual and outstanding color collection can be found at your local Walmart. This newly affordable collection ranges in price from $5.99 to $12. The line encompasses everything from concealer to eye and lip products and nail polish. After the strenuous task of trying all of the products in the newly launched Hard Candy line some items emerged as the clear winners:


Blush Crush Baked Blush is a bright pink baked blush that goes on sheer for just a hint of color. Similar to MAC’s Mineralize Blush you can build color layer by layer for a beautiful and natural looking glow.


Foiled Again Metallic Shadow Stick in “Celestine” is a great shimmery eyeshadow in a retractable container. Perfect for highlighting and bringing a little sparkle to your eye.

Fortune Gloss Sweet & Shiny Lipgloss lives up to its name by giving you incredible shine and the sweet taste of candy.

Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss stings a little after application (a sign that the volumizing ingredients are at work) and then gives you lovely plump lips.


Plexi Gloss Glossy Lip Shine leaves just a hint of color and sweet flavor.

Lip Tattoo Lip Stain and Breath Freshening Gloss is a two in one solution. The Lip Stain gives you beautiful cherry lips while the Breath Freshening Gloss gives you shine and the taste of mint.

Just Nails Hard Candy
Just Nails Nail Color in “Sweet P” is a vibrant glittery green. A great way to dress up your nails in one of the hot nail colors of the season.

Just like the original – Hard Candy for Walmart is sure to develop a loyal following.

Catia Carvalho Trooskin