The Foundation & Bronzer Holiday Sparkle Guide Product Reviews

Just because the cold weather has stolen our sunshine does not mean we cannot sparkle on our own. Celebs, no matter what time of the year, always seem to exude brilliance and with the right foundation and body shimmers, you can too.

Powders, creams, liquids…my head is starting to spin at the options. There is a plethora of foundations calling the shelves of cosmetic stores their home. Foundations are meant to even out your skin tone and the first step in choosing the right foundation is determining your skin type.

Kim Kardashian always has a glow to her olive complexion which looks as smooth as butter and impeccable. I was thinking we can take some tips from her make-up, artist Joyce. Joyce shares her magic secrets she used to achieve Kim’s skin for her 30th birthday. Like any canvas, you have to prime the skin. Prior to applying Kim’s foundation, Joyce uses Givenchy’s Mister Mat Mattifying foundation primer. “I like to keep Kim’s overall skin to appear matte so I use Sheer Matte by NARS. Blend into the skin with a foundation brush for a flawless touch,” Joyce says.

For those that do not know, matte is when the skin has little or no shine. Oil-free and matte foundations better achieve this look. If someone has dry skin though, they may want to try a cream foundation otherwise their skin may look flaky. A great foundation for dry skin is Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth Foundation, maintaining moisture in the skin without making it look oily. After your skin looks super fresh, it is time for some body shimmer.

Ms. California Girl, Katy Perry loves bronze and shimmer. For the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Katy shined, literally; the light reflected off her toned legs. Katy was wearing Scott Barnes Body Bling on her legs: it comes in Platinum or Original. Keeping with the Victoria’s Secret theme, their Sexy Little Things Noir is great for that extra bit of sparkle. An added bonus is the scent; a blend nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid.

The holidays is only another reason to sparkle!

Nicole Iannitti,